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Questions to ask about the buyer decision process

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Five Question that I can ask two or three people on the "Buyer Decision Process."

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I suggest the following list. It's up to you to consider the five questions.

1. Are you the main income earner in your household?

2. Are you responsible for shopping for clothes for someone else in your ...

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Buyer Decision Process

Find two people who recently made a purchase of the same type of product or service (e.g., a meal at a restaurant, a piece of furniture, a pair of shoes). Create a series of interview questions based on the "Buyer Decision Process." Compile the answers of the two individuals and compare and contrast them with regard to the steps in the process.

Analyze the characteristics that influenced the buying behavior of each person interviewed. Based on the people interviewed, how do you think their demographics affected the purchase?

Include your interview questions in your assignment.

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