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Organizational Structure

Supervisor Bias in Performance Evaluations

The main problem with performance appraisal programs is supervisory bias when making judgments. How can a company attempt to identify and reduce appraisal bias? Respond substantively to two other learners.

Legal Aspects of Staffing

Select one of the laws listed below and explain how it has changed the staffing process. Also select one governmental activity from the second list and explain how it influences staffing. Respond substantively to two other learners. Laws to choose from in answering the discussion question: Employment-at-will Fair Labor St

Job design across cultures

1. What is the most important emerging issue in the design of work? 2. How do the Japanese, German, and Scandinavian approaches to work differ from one another and from the American approach? 3. Is there ever one best way to design a particular job?

Hospital Organizational Structure and Function Project

I need help writing an Executive Memo in which I do the following to inform the Administrative Board: Can you help me? I am a nurse leader in your organization's human resource department. As part of the interview process, I must explain to potential candidates the position for which they are applying and their place in the o

Apple's Organizational Structure

1. Please compare Apple's organizational structure to the basic one (Figure 2-1) by describing what is different and what is similar. 2. Are the any SBU's, if so, name them. 3.Designate the market share for the business (please cite reference).

Pay Structure Change Connected to Job Market Conditions

The student case study was: Explain the relationship between pay structure change and market conditions. Discuss the major issues and sub-issues that influence the employee's pay. Two market conditions explored in this solution include the economy and job market. When unemployment is high, organizations have a plethora of jo

Organizational Structure to Decentralize Decision-Making

You have been hired as an assistant to a new CEO of an academic medical center. You have been asked to recommend a variety of organization designs for the 300-bed inpatient facility. The academic medical center is fully affiliated with the medical school, which is internationally renowned for its work in cardiovascular diseases,

Pay Fairness and Structure

1. List and explain the perceptions employees use to determine the fairness of the company's procedures and outcomes. 2. An organization's pay should comply with the laws. Elaborate on the legal requirements in regards to pay within an organization. 3. Describe how a company designs a pay structure, and evaluate how to mak

The various components that comprise an organization.

An organization's structure includes the jobs the employees hold within the organization. The design of an organization includes the process of making decisions. Outline the 6 key elements of an organization's structure. Based on information from your company's Web site and other information sources, describe your company's o

System & Structure Analysis

Security Guard on Fort Campbell 1. Introduction & Background- Write an overview of the organization including the types of services and/or goods produced and the industry in which it operates. Give a brief history of the organization, where it is located, when the organization was founded and major events in its history. Rem

The Organizational Structure of a Healthcare Organization

Provide (attach) the organizational structure of a health care organization. Provide a brief description of the organization. Describe why you believe the structure is effective for the organization and suggest changes for improvement.

Organizational Structure Recommendation

You have been approached by a friend that would like to go into a healthcare business venture with you because of your experience and knowledge in healthcare. You have opted to open a licensed Residential Health Care Facility for the Elderly. Which organizational structure would you recommend for the facility and why?

Why is it importance to create a Work Breakdown Structure (WBS)?

Why is it importance to create a Work Breakdown Structure (WBS)? A work breakdown structure (WBS) provides an outline that identifies the products involved in the project. This defines the relationships between different components in a particular project or deliverable down to the work packages breakdown so you are able to c

Walmart: Business Structure

What kind of structure best describes the way Walmart operates? Why is the structure appropriate? Would another structure fit better?

The Structure of the Banking System

The End of Glass-Steagall In 1933 President Roosevelt signed the groundbreaking Glass-Steagall act which legally separated the banking industry into commercial banking and investment banking. This law was passed in reaction the Great Depression and big wave of bank failures. Nearly 70 years later, legislation was passed doin

Organizational Structure Internal Report Concerns

Internal report concerning the change that is occurring at Synergetic Solutions. Write an analysis of the issues involved in this simulation. In the analysis, include the following: ? Describe at least three internal and external forces of change for Synergetic Solutions. ? What factors does a leader in this organization n

Organizational Structure and its Components

What is meant by "organizational structure"? What are the components of organizational structure? Does Industrial Services of America, Inc.'s organizational structure fit or follow from its strategy? Is it important that an organization's structure follow from its strategy? In the case of Industrial Services of America, Inc.

Structure and Design

What are the four requirements for successful decentralization? Choose one and discuss it more thoroughly There are preconditions affecting an organization moving toward a Matrix or Hybrid structure list on page 430 of "Organizational Design: A Survey and an Approach" by Hax and Majluf. Choose one of them and discuss it in li

Mintzberg and Workplace Environments

According to Minztberg, there are five configurations of organization structure that is suitable of different types of personalities - simple, machine bureaucracy, professional bureaucracy, divisonalized form, and adhocracy. Identify which types of workplace environments are best suited to your personality and preferences, a

Organizational Structure of Wipro

Discuss Organizational Structure (Wipro) where you describe the organizational structure of the company. Use 1. Mintzberg's Determinants, chapter 13, p. 364-369. Use either the contingency approach or the configuration approach to organizational design (only one approach, do not use both) 2. Analyze the control and coordinat

An Organizational Structure for a New Company Flow Chart

You have been tasked with creating an organizational structure for a new company that manufactures office equipment such as copiers, fax machines, and printers. The company plans to market the products domestically and internationally. Using the information you studied on organizational structures, create a flow chart for t