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Government politics, organizational process, and logic models

1) Compare and contrast the Organizational Process model and the Governmental Politics model of decision making.

2) Research your own external sources to design a 'logic model', and write a summary of the activity outputs, intermediate outcomes, and end outcomes of a healthcare policy (your choice) from a cost effective perspective for individuals and organizations. Look for examples of the elements in actual practice, as well as support and rationale beyond the textbook for their use particularly in the design and implementation of your logic model.

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I have provided responses to both, which you will need to tweak and change to meet your needs. For the second, the if - then is put into a graphical form, charts or tables work. The figures used for costs are general and for the town I lived in before. Larger cities are much higher for some costs and lower for others. Transportation might need tweaking, dependent on the availability of mass transit or other methods. I took a different approach to healthcare by using wages as the catalyst. You can use the basic format to create your own model if needed.

1. Governments must view each decision in the most rational manner to make the best decision for everyone involved. This is the working theory by which most people view governments considered as democracies or citizen driven. However, this limits the ability of the government and requires different theories to emerge. Organizational process says when governments view the need for a decision they do so as part of the structure of the organization rather than as the whole picture of the issue. Partly this is true because there are limits to resources for use in solving issues. Time is another factor. Therefore, they use processes and procedures already in place when other like issues have occurred. Limiting the short-term concerns is important. Once short-term uncertainty is relieved, long-term plans can be created and implemented.

Another way to consider how decisions are made is through the government's politics and politic methods. Leadership of the country must negotiate for solutions. When this occurs, personal preferences and agendas become part of the decision making process. Leadership values and characteristics can become part of the process ...

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This solution provides a review and discussion of government politics and organizational process models for decision making and a created logic model of a problem proposed in the assignment request.