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    Legal Aspects of Staffing

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    Select one of the laws listed below and explain how it has changed the staffing process. Also select one governmental activity from the second list and explain how it influences staffing. Respond substantively to two other learners.

    Laws to choose from in answering the discussion question:
    Fair Labor Standards Act
    The Civil Rights
    Act of 1964
    EEOC Regulations concerning sexual harassment
    Age Discrimination in Employment Act
    Americans with Disabilities Act
    Family and Medical Leave Act
    Governmental activities to choose from in answering the discussion question:
    Social Security premiums
    Social Security disability insurance
    Unemployment insurance
    Federal income tax

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    Al of the topics listed in the first list has changed the staffing process to a certain degree. Let's take a look at sexual harassment. This has been a 'hot button' topic for the past several years in the workplace. Management at companies across the nation has learned that the internal environment must be constantly monitored in order to ensure that no sexual harassment or other forms of harassment are present. We have seen cases where employees and management alike have been accused of sexual harassment. Management is now in a position where employees must be protected from this ...

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    This solution discusses the legal aspects of staffing in regards to an EEOC law and a governmental activity.