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A Problem of Motivation

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About 18 months ago, Jess Johnson was appointed to direct a newly authorized and funded unit in the state's Department of Human Services (DHS). Shortly thereafter, she interviewed and hired six new employees to staff the unit. The name of the unit is Service Outreach for Seniors (SOS). Its purpose is to coordinate services for the vulnerable elderly. This is Jess's first supervisory position. Susan Jones and Bob Martin were two of the new employees Jess hired. Initially, both were very productive, enthusiastic, and industrious. Bob had taken the initiative to work closely with several prominent private service providers to ensure their cooperation and involvement in the new program.

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The first is that Jess does not seem to follow through with either motivations or corrections. In the case of those who are making great strides, bob and susan, motivation was not tempered with the needs of the job and how they were expected to do their continuing jobs. Rewarding them appropriately then bringing them back on task, stimulates their creativity, but keeps them team players. In Susan's case, taking her with Jess to meet with people would have showed her the correct way to deal with outside organizations and people, helping her learn the right things to say and offer. In Bob's case, the long lunches and other problems should have been stopped as soon as they started and again rewards and incentives for specific accomplishments highlighted, but not completely focused on.

Jess needs to learn to reward and acknowledge, encourage, but make each person responsible for their job. When they do not do their job well, they should be realigned to the job and any incentive rescinded until effective work resumes.

Human needs - Each person is encouraged to help others attain goals and present ways to accomplish ...

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