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1.) List and briefly describe the nine ways of acting to improve motivation in organizations (200 Words).

2.) Write a summary of the theories of motivation from the perspective of which theory is best for motivating employees in a public organization (your choice). This measurement should demonstrate your ability to illustrate a realistic link between leadership theories and motivational approaches (800 Words).

There should be three major categories within the summary:

a) Introduction (brief description of the organization)
b) Summary of various leadership theories and motivational approaches
c) The application through rationale that defends the link between leadership and motivation within your particular organization

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1. Give praise and rewards - This is simple. Make sure people know their work is good and they have done a good job, either individually or as a reward.
2. Recognition for work accomplished - make sure there are regular recognition days and times when people are acknowledged for their work, either as a team or individually.
3. Pay fair wages -don't expect work to be completed and with enthusiasm if the worker is not compensated fairly and with working wages
4. Give responsibility for work to employee - making the employee responsible for their work and their job gives them a sense of pride, especially when coupled with the overall success of the company
5. Communicate plans and goals effectively - if people don't know or understand the plan, then they cannot accomplish the goals. Confusion and frustration are the enemy here, so prevent it by keeping people in the loop.
6. Spend time listening to concerns and ideas of employees - listen, listen, listen. The people closest to the job are the ones who have to deal with the problems and issues. Knowing their concerns and ideas can help the company avoid problems and delays and create a feeling of respect and loyalty among the employees.
7. Improve functions and processes - when new, better technology appears, try to get it. Make the job more effective and make the employees more effective. Give employees the tools to perform the best they can and usually they will.
8. Be effective when giving instructions - explain, instruct, question, and listen. Explain what is needed, instruct what is expected, question any ideas, but do so fairly, and listen to the voices that do the work. That creates motivation to do the job, if they know the job.
9. Promote spirit of success within the ...

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A discussion on theories of motivation are provided. The three major categories within the summary are provided.