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An example of C++ exceptions

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Suppose an exception, class myException, is defined as follows:

class myException
message = "myException thrown!";
cout << "Immediate attention required!"
<< endl;
myException (string msg)
message = msg;
cout << "Attention required!" << endl;
string what()
return message;
string message;

Suppose that in a user program, the catch block has the following form:
catch (myException mE)
cout << mE.what() << endl;

1. What output will be produced if the exception is thrown with the default constructor?
2. What output will be produced if the exception is thrown with the constructor with parameters with the following actual parameter?
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Both constructors do two things. They both set the message and they both print a string. Setting the message doesn't cause any output but printing a string does cause a message to be printed as soon as the exception is created. The ...

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