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Social Networking and Knowledge Management

Social Networking is one of the hottest topics in knowledge management. Is it knowledge management? More traditional approaches to knowledge management include document management and content management as key functions of an organization's knowledge? Some organizations go so far as to set policies about their employees' partici

Maturation of the social networking industry

After you gave the final presentation for the proposed strategic plan of the social networking Web site, a member of the board of directors asks if you can clarify some standard questions regarding the implementation of the new social networking Web site. She explains that the board needs you to prepare a report addressing how t

Networking Success

What networking practices do you think would help a person in developing their career or business ventures?

Professional Networking is a great thing!

What would the role of professional networking be in your own nursing practice? Here I added 2 links where the topic is made live. In this case, the links go directly to sites where a person could enter into conversation with other nurses. Networking is the way to find mentors, friends, helpers, teachers, information givers,

Impact of social networking on personal relationships

Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? Take one clear position (for or against) on the given statement below, and explain your viewpoint and use supporting examples. With the advent and increasing popularity of social networking, individuals are connected to everyone but connecting to no one. APA format. Wri

Determining Shortest Route

ANSWER MUST BE IN EXCEL ONLY MUST BE IN EXCEL 10. The members of the Vista Club are planning a month long hiking and camping trip through the blue ridge mountains from North Georgia to Virginia. There are a number of trails through the mountains that connect at various campgrounds, crossings and cabins. The following

Integration under one department

Central Textiles is a clothing manufacturer that operates 16 plants throughout the Southern US and Latin America. The Information Systems Departments, which reports to the vice president of finance, operates the central mainframe and LAN at the headquarters building in Spartanburg, South Carolina, and the WAN that connects all p

social networking sites

Recently, online social networking sites have exploded in popularity. Numerous sites are dedicated to finding and maintaining contacts and to locating and sharing different types of content. Online social networks represent a new kind of information network that differs significantly from existing networks like the Web. Expla

Current Social Networking business model can sustain

We have seen Social Networking privacy cases go to court and the model gets tweaked accordingly like child protection legislation. We see new social networks offering more flexible or higher privacy options than their predecessors Google+ is an example. Also Social networks of other countries such as India and Brazil have adapte

Social networking "gold rush" experience

Will the social networking "gold rush" experience the same crash as the "gold rush" experienced? (Why/why not) Please include at least three (3) references. The reference provided below can also be used... Reference: Laudon, Kenneth C. & Traver, Carol G. e-commerce : business. technology. society. 2011 7/e Edi

Management of Information Systems

Why might businesses be interested in location based mobile networking? What technological developments have set the stage for the growth of sense networks and the success of their products? Do you feel that the privacy risks surrounding city sense are significant? would you sign up to use sense networks services? why or w

Social online networking

What is the social effect of online social networks? 200 words Describe an experience in facebook. at least 100 words

Information networking as technology: tools, uses, and socio-technical

Information overload! The phrase alone is enough to strike terror into the hardiest of managers; it presages the breakdown of society as we know it and the failure of management to cope with change. The media constantly dissect the forthcoming collapse brought on by TMI ("Too Much Information"), even as they themselves pile up l

Article Analysis on Cross Border Alliances - Global Networking

Provide brief description (in your own words) of the central argument or thesis of the author or authors of the attached article. Describe the method and sources used by the author to come to the conclusion. Comment, as appropriate, on the appropriateness of the methods and sources. For example, are the sources authoritative?

The online social networking industry is growing right now, but eventually demand will level out and the industry will start to mature; how would the maturation of the industry worldwide impact your business strategy?

After you and Abby give the presentation for the proposed online social networking application to the venture capitalists, you are asked the following question: The online social networking industry is growing right now, but eventually demand will level out and the industry will start to mature; how would the maturation of the i


Scenario: The online social networking industry is growing rapidly with a variety of both personal and business oriented applications emerging tapping into the global marketplace. Some of the major applications include Facebook, Myspace and LinkedIn. There are also many niche applications popping up, such as those targeting a

2-5 paragraphs

As part of your research, you attend an international industry conference on social networking. In one of the break-out sessions, everyone is asked their opinion as to how firms competing in the online social networking market can best create customer loyalty. How do you respond?

Iran and social networking

The influence that the media has on politics that was prevalent during the Vietnam war reminds me of the recent political problems in Iran. The use of new technology with cell phone cameras and posting video to twitter was something I did not see coming, nor did the ruling party in Iran. I expected the internet to change how new

A comparison of distance & traditional classroom learning

Is 'Distance Learning' as effective as traditional classroom methods in causing learning to take place? What applications of telecommunications and networking have made Distance Learning possible? What could be done technologically to improve it?

Online information and social networking on company time

Prof says young people have unique sense of Facebook privacy (CBC) - A "digital divide" exists in Canada between young people who see information posted online as private and older people who see it differently, according to a study released Thursday at a

Explaining Networking

Explain to your team the differences between routers and switches. Compare them and list the pros and cons of using each type of hardware. What are the key factors to consider in choosing one? What are some of the better choices for the course scenario? Differentiate among fundamental networking components, protocols, topolog

The topic of this month's leadership networking meeting is the causes of job satisfaction and job dissatisfaction. Included are contributing factors that are job related, as well as personal attributes of the worker.

? What is the relationship between individual characteristics and job satisfaction? ? How do different job characteristics affect employee satisfaction? ? Given the varying antecedents to job satisfaction, what are some ways that an employer can increase the probability of having satisfied employees? You're inspired by t

Communication Networking

Discuss how initiatives like the Dynamic Open Architecture Radio System (DOARS) Project and the National Task Force on Interoperability (NTFI) are paving the way for more efficient and effective communication among law enforcement agencies. Explain how systems like DOARS would benefit a local law enforcement agency during a time