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    A comparison of distance & traditional classroom learning

    Is 'Distance Learning' as effective as traditional classroom methods in causing learning to take place? What applications of telecommunications and networking have made Distance Learning possible? What could be done technologically to improve it?

    Online information and social networking on company time

    Prof says young people have unique sense of Facebook privacy http://www.mytelus.com/ncp_news/article.en.do?pn=tech&articleID=2988809 (CBC) - A "digital divide" exists in Canada between young people who see information posted online as private and older people who see it differently, according to a study released Thursday at a

    Explaining Networking

    Explain to your team the differences between routers and switches. Compare them and list the pros and cons of using each type of hardware. What are the key factors to consider in choosing one? What are some of the better choices for the course scenario? Differentiate among fundamental networking components, protocols, topolog

    The topic of this month's leadership networking meeting is the causes of job satisfaction and job dissatisfaction. Included are contributing factors that are job related, as well as personal attributes of the worker.

    ? What is the relationship between individual characteristics and job satisfaction? ? How do different job characteristics affect employee satisfaction? ? Given the varying antecedents to job satisfaction, what are some ways that an employer can increase the probability of having satisfied employees? You're inspired by t

    Communication Networking

    Discuss how initiatives like the Dynamic Open Architecture Radio System (DOARS) Project and the National Task Force on Interoperability (NTFI) are paving the way for more efficient and effective communication among law enforcement agencies. Explain how systems like DOARS would benefit a local law enforcement agency during a time