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    After you and Abby give the presentation for the proposed online social networking application to the venture capitalists, you are asked the following question: The online social networking industry is growing right now, but eventually demand will level out and the industry will start to mature; how would the maturation of the industry worldwide impact your business strategy?

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    //In this response we will learn about the future of social networking sites. We will also learn how the industry will face the growth and maturity phase and whether this industry is going to decline in future. We will also learn how maturity phase will effect the companies that are the regulating these sites and whether they come to an end.//

    Since their inception, social networking sites have changed the way the world communicates. In this era of social networking sites, there are no barriers of communication and one can access people in the remotest corner of the world. With such increasing use of these social networking sites, the companies investing in this venture are making huge profits. The popularity of these sites is huge and today the youngsters or older generations have not been left untouched by this new communication strategy.

    We can see that future of these companies running such sites is bright. Yes, it is true that ...

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    The response addresses the queries posted in 638 words with references.