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    Knowledge Management and Social Networking

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    Social Networking is one of the hottest topics in knowledge management. Is it knowledge management? More traditional approaches to knowledge management include document management and content management as key functions of an organization's knowledge but some organizations go so far as to set policies about their employees' participation in social networks, text messaging behaviors, and even telephone usage.

    Take a position on the use and appropriate use of knowledge management tools in an organization and defend your position.

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    Social networking is not the same as knowledge management, although the two may intersect. Knowledge management is the system of organization and utilization of the core beliefs, practices, and information of the operation. It is not just the management of information, but of processes, people, and ideas. Social networking is the interaction of individuals to communicate for entertainment, business, information, and pleasure. Social networking can be utilized as an effective way to disseminate information to employees, through Twitter, Facebook, email and instant messaging. It can also be a way to portray a company in a certain light. For instance, Coca Cola prides itself on the amount of 'friends' it has on Facebook, with over fifty million ...

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    THis solution defines knowledge management. It also discusses empoloyer's policies on social networking, taking a position on the use of knowledge management tools in the workplace. Examples and APA references are included.