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    The Most Important Social Issue Raised by the Explosion of IT

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    In your opinion what is the most important social issue raised by the explosion of IT? Why? How can societies best deal with this issue?

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    Explosion of IT

    Explosion of IT
    In present global environment, most of people preferred to use IT for several purposes such as doing business activities, connecting with family members, friends and to know about the current affairs in both national and international market that has led to almost an explosion of IT. Easy and low cost access of IT has increased the potential for internet related crimes and also had significant impact on the society and social aspects(Kizza 2010). There are several issues like Environmental hazard, health hazard; IT Crimes, Ethics and Security have arisen due to IT explosion in the world.

    In my opinion, the most important social issue raised by explosion of IT is related with ethics and security specifically ...

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    The solution discusses the most important social issue raised by the explosion of IT and how to best deal with the issue.