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The effects of social networking on relationships

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Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? Take one clear position (for or against) on the given statement below, and explain your viewpoint and use supporting examples.
With the advent and increasing popularity of social networking, individuals are connected to everyone but connecting to no one.
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The advent and incorporation of social media into every facet of life has created a relative lack of intimacy that could not have been prepared for or expected by the designers of said social media. The relationships between individuals, in theory, could have grown stronger with the increased connectivity and the opportunities for immediate response to any number of issues in one's life. However, intimacy goes the way of the dinosaur when instead of sharing information with one or two trusted confidantes many people are turning to social media posts which spread wide their woes and worries with everyone from their mother to their grocer to the person who delivers the mail. The "friending" and "following" habits of many people are denying special ...

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This essay discusses the drawbacks of social networking as they pertain to personal relationships and interconnectivity.