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    Social Networking, Hiring, and Behaviour Restriction of Employees

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    1. Should the viewing or monitoring of social networking cites be considered an appropriate method for preliminary employment screening and continued employment with organizations?

    2. Some companies attempt to restrict the behavior of employees while they are off the job. The most common restriction is a prohibition against smoking. Less common is a prohibition against public drinking. Is it ethical or "job necessary" in some cases for a company to try to control its employees' behavior while they are not on the job?

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    (1) The monitoring of social networking sites has become quite common in the recruitment process in recent years. A discussion of this question should be centered around the advantages and disadvantages of this practice. You should then formulate a conclusion. Proponents of the practice would argue that it provides an insight into the true nature of the individual and his beliefs and values, which employers can then determine if these are in keeping with the company's culture and ethical code of conduct. Certainly, candidates tend to be on their "best behaviour" during selection and managers may feel that the sites provide a more truthful picture of the candidate. Additionally, because the online investigation is used primarily for preliminary screenings and often not used to make a final hiring decision, it can be viewed as similar to a background check. The information is in the public domain and may unearth characteristics of the candidate that may be in direct contradiction to the company's norms, mission or culture. This preliminary screening can save the institution time and money in the long ...

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