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The Good Effects of professional Networking

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What would the role of professional networking be in your own nursing practice?

Here I added 2 links where the topic is made live. In this case, the links go directly to sites where a person could enter into conversation with other nurses. Networking is the way to find mentors, friends, helpers, teachers, information givers, and structure. It can also expand your practice.

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The question for you to consider is: What is the benefit of or why would nurses want to network?

The answer to that question is: Because networking is the way to find mentors, friends, helpers, teachers, ...

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In this solution I discuss the virtues of social networking for Nurses, but social networking is good for all careers. Having a way to reach a forum where ideas are expressed and shared can only offer differing viewpoints and information to stimulate your own mind.

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Social Networking Sites may have an effect on member's choice of healthcare provider.

Do you think that socials networking websites are a good way to implement and/or recruit members for health promotion programs? Why or why not?

I discuss the different kinds of healthcare agencies, and how they appear and are used by members of popular networking sites.

Not only are there sites for the healthcare organizations themselves, but also the patient support sites. Many pages exist on Facebook for Diabetes, Multiple Sclerosis, Autism, Cancer, just to name a few. On these pages, people with the illness exchange ideas and information, and this will often lead to discussions of which insurances work best, what hospitals provide the best care.

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