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International Business Strategy

International Economics Question

1) Inflation is the general increase in prices with some prices rising faster than average and even some prices falling. Inflation attracts attention among policy makers and some of the remedies for it can have serious consequences in production and employment. a) Why would you, as a business manager, care whether annual inf

United States v. Hayes International Corporation (1986)

I need help putting this together. Can you get me going? ---------------------------- Case Review: United States v. Hayes International Corporation (1986) Read the information about this case in Chapter 1 of Environmental Law. Conduct research for additional information pertaining to the case. **See attached PDF for al

International Economics Question and Business Negotiation Skills

1. What types of costs might justify charging different prices for the same products/services? Do you have any real-world examples of products/services that are sold at more than one price because of cost differences? 2. What comments, questions, and real-world do you have of price discrimination in global markets?

International Business

Both the factor-proportions theory and the country similarity theory address patterns of trade, i.e. partner nations. Compare and contrast the two theories. In what ways are they similar, and in what ways are they different? Select two countries located in different global regions. Identify the natural advantages and the acq

International Negotiations & Transactions

You will produce a term paper related to the art of negotiation. This two page paper should contain at least 500 words and be in APA format. Term Paper Topic Preparing a paper that summarizes a stream of research in one of the many areas of negotiation -- e.g. the effectiveness of threats, face saving, strategies of det

Global Business

1. There are a number of so-called points of entry. Some talk of five others say six. Let's call them the big six: Exporting, Franchising, Licensing, Joint Ventures, Strategic Alliances, and Direct Foreign Investment. For this discussion question, your task will be to select three of these points of entry, give a descript

International Business questions

1. Read and understand fully the article entitled "India's Transformation". 2. In answering the questions, bear in mind that India have been a British colony until the mid 1940s. 3. Consider also the vast market in India owning to its gargantuan population. See attached for exact requirements.

The Five Dimesions: Geert Hofstede

Identify the five dimensions researched by Geert Hofstede. Describe each dimension and how it could affect international business dealings.

International Competitiveness for Fujitsu

Fujitsu is the world's third-largest IT service provider. It offers consulting services, goods to doctors and health care systems and grocery store chains, and business or personal office solutions. Go to Fujitsu's Web site at to see background of the firm and the products it offers. Then answer the following que

International Competitiveness

Advertising or Free Speech? The Case of Nike and Human Rights

Identify and evaluate contemporary issues in international financial management

Identify and evaluate contemporary issues in international financial management (What are some of the complexities of operating a firm internationally? Choose an issue affecting a firm's international financial management and discuss how they are handled) choose: Ford Motor co. see attached

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Your firm has been investigating the possibility of locating facilities in an East Asian country such as Thailand, Malaysia, Taiwan, or Singapore. You have been asked by the chief executive officer (CEO) to research what has been happening in these countries in terms of environmental legislation and laws regarding wages and hour

Lakshmi Mittal and the Growth of Mittal Steel

Lakshmi Mittal and the Growth of Mittal Steel. In 2007, a controversal merger between Mittal Steel and Arcelor was completed: 1) What forces drove Mittal Steel to start expanding across national borders? 2) Mittal Steel expanded into different nations through mergers and acquisitions,as opposed to greefield investments Why?

Develop a corporate profile for the Boeing Company

Develop a corporate profile for the Boeing Company. Address the following discussion questions: 1. What are benefits to Boeing of outsourcing so much work on the 787 to foreign suppliers? What are the potential risks? Do the benefits outweigh the risk? 2. In 2007 and 2008 Boeing ran into several well-publicized issues w

Working with a Multicultural Virtual Team

You work for Nike, a global company. You just learned that you were assigned to a virtual team whose mission is to assess the feasibility of Nike's making an inexpensive shoe that can be sold in Brazil. The team consists of twelve members. Three of the members work in the United States (two in Beaverton, Oregon, and one in New Y

International Business: Nike

Discuss the following about NIKE: 4.Does it standardize products or adapt them for different markets? 5.What type of organizational structure does it have? 6.Which of the two types of international strategy does it seem to follow? 7.Does the company make use of work teams? response is 544 words including referen

Major Concerns and Considerations for International Expansion

Kellogg Company (you know them as Kellogg's, makers of Rice Krispies, Corn Flakes, and a variety of other cold cereal products) celebrated its 100th anniversary a few years ago in 2006. As with many companies, it has attempted to expand internationally. Assume that Kellogg's decides to enter India with its line of cold cereals.

International Business: EBay

Despite the difficulties, many technology companies experienced when the dot-com bubble burst - Internet commerce (e-business) is here to stay. For full details on the question and an alternate response/additional response you can review the question on Posting 65167 of the Solution Library. 583 words.

Importance of International Peace and Security

? The importance of an International peace and security on a local and global level? ? The frame work of the standards of the above mentioned including economic, political, legal, and global warming? ? Previos and present and possible predictible future scenarious to provide as evidence of the breach/importance of such securi

Emancipation of minors in Indiana, Pennsylvania, and Ohio

Using an internet search engine (e.g. Google or Yahoo) search for "emancipation of minors" in Indiana, Pennsylvania, and Ohio. Compare the procedures of these three states with Michigan law:  Are there circumstances when emancipation is automatic?  Must the minor reside with an adult?  Does the m

Global Business Preparations

Prepare an executive business plan for investing in the Japanese market. Your business plan should include; recommendations, conclusions on investing there, and cover the current economic situation in Japan. Include at least one in-text citation 432 words, two references

International Business: Explain cultural adjustments for a product or service

First, select any product or service. Then, select a foreign country where you would like to sell this product or service. Identify key cultural characteristics in this country and compare them with those of your home country. Explain the adjustments you will have to make to your product or service and your way of doing busines

Article summary - Japan Battles Soaring Yen

I have a Wall Street Journal article entitled: Japan Battles Soaring Yen, from August 31, 2010... Link - Please help me summarize this article (include comment and analysis). Thanks!

US manufacturer of disposable diapers for Brazilian market

Imagine you are the marketing manager for a U.S. manufacturer of disposable diapers. Your firm is considering entering the Brazilian market. Your CEO believes the advertising message that has been effective in the United States will suffice in Brazil. Your CEO also believes that the pricing decisions in Brazil can be left to

Alienware Computers: Facilities and Structure

Research an international company- Alienware Computers 3. Are its production facilities centralized or decentralized? 5. What type of organizational structure does it have? Cite; add references; use APA format.