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International Business Strategy

International IMC: Burger King

Select a U.S.-based company and a product or service that it produces. Assume this company is seeking to introduce the product or service into another country of your choosing. The product has been successful in the United States and in Europe. For: Burger King 1. Briefly describe the company and product/service. 2. An

International Logistics

A shipper obtains a marine policy covering the shipment of textiles from China to Poland. The declared value of the shipment was $15,000 although the real (market) value of the merchandise was $7,500. If the goods are lost at sea, is the insurance company liable for $15,000? Why?

Challenges and Opportunities in International Business

Your firm will expand internationally this year and will include in its management team those from the cultures and regions into which it expands. You must prepare the management team to adapt and change the American management training to fit those of other cultures. Put together a slide presentation for the management team, ex

Evaluating an International Business Statement

The study of international business is fine if you are going to work in a large multinational enterprise, but it has no relevance for individuals who are going to work in small firms. Evaluate this statement.

International Negotiation

Discuss how culture is like an iceberg. What are the main implications of this analogy and how do the implications affect cultural negotiation Assume you are speaking with a co-worker who complained about the problems he encounters when dealing with someone from another culture, what negotiation cultural considerations would

International business

Why do you think that the world's largest theme park operator, Walt Disney Company, was motivated to establish parks in Tokyo, Paris, and Hong Kong? What particular market characteristics of each of those sites do you think were especially attractive? If you were the CEO of the Disney corporation, would you establish additional

Yoshi about American cultural norms relevant to new automotive factory in US

Yoshi Yamakawa was raised and schooled in Kyoto, Japan. He was taught English during his Elementary and High School years. He has traveled abroad, mostly to S. E. Asia for business. Yoshi has accepted a position as plant manager of his Japanese firm's new automotive component factory in Northern Alabama. One of his first tasks i

International Economics Question

1) Inflation is the general increase in prices with some prices rising faster than average and even some prices falling. Inflation attracts attention among policy makers and some of the remedies for it can have serious consequences in production and employment. a) Why would you, as a business manager, care whether annual inf

United States v. Hayes International Corporation (1986)

I need help putting this together. Can you get me going? ---------------------------- Case Review: United States v. Hayes International Corporation (1986) Read the information about this case in Chapter 1 of Environmental Law. Conduct research for additional information pertaining to the case. **See attached PDF for al

International Economics Question and Business Negotiation Skills

1. What types of costs might justify charging different prices for the same products/services? Do you have any real-world examples of products/services that are sold at more than one price because of cost differences? 2. What comments, questions, and real-world do you have of price discrimination in global markets?

International Business

Both the factor-proportions theory and the country similarity theory address patterns of trade, i.e. partner nations. Compare and contrast the two theories. In what ways are they similar, and in what ways are they different? Select two countries located in different global regions. Identify the natural advantages and the acq

International Negotiations & Transactions

You will produce a term paper related to the art of negotiation. This two page paper should contain at least 500 words and be in APA format. Term Paper Topic Preparing a paper that summarizes a stream of research in one of the many areas of negotiation -- e.g. the effectiveness of threats, face saving, strategies of det

interview process in Japan

How would the interview process in Japan differ from the interview process in the United States? Discuss how the selection criteria for employment may differ. Explain what may be acceptable in Japan as opposed to the United States.

Global Business

1. There are a number of so-called points of entry. Some talk of five others say six. Let's call them the big six: Exporting, Franchising, Licensing, Joint Ventures, Strategic Alliances, and Direct Foreign Investment. For this discussion question, your task will be to select three of these points of entry, give a descript

International Business questions

1. Read and understand fully the article entitled "India's Transformation". 2. In answering the questions, bear in mind that India have been a British colony until the mid 1940s. 3. Consider also the vast market in India owning to its gargantuan population. See attached for exact requirements.

The Five Dimesions: Geert Hofstede

Identify the five dimensions researched by Geert Hofstede. Describe each dimension and how it could affect international business dealings.

International Competitiveness for Fujitsu

Fujitsu is the world's third-largest IT service provider. It offers consulting services, goods to doctors and health care systems and grocery store chains, and business or personal office solutions. Go to Fujitsu's Web site at to see background of the firm and the products it offers. Then answer the following que

How is causation different from correlation?

Briefly describe correlational research. Name a variable from this study and one from the workplace that might prove to provide a correlational relationship. Explain why you would choose these two? What did you learn about correlation and causation while completing the course? Just a brief answer please.

Global Business: Merrill Lynch in Japan

For Merrill Lynch in Japan: Describe the legal, cultural, and ethical challenges that confront the global business presented in your selected case study. Determine the various roles that host governments played in this particular global business operation. Summarize the strategic and operational challenges facing glob

Global Business Current Employers

Describe your current (or most recent) employer. Does this employer currently conduct business on a global level? If so, what have been the positive and negative aspects of the global aspect? If not, are there any opportunities that could be realized by expanding the business/service to include a global market? Describe.

International Competitiveness

Advertising or Free Speech? The Case of Nike and Human Rights

Identify and evaluate contemporary issues in international financial management

Identify and evaluate contemporary issues in international financial management (What are some of the complexities of operating a firm internationally? Choose an issue affecting a firm's international financial management and discuss how they are handled) choose: Ford Motor co. see attached

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Your firm has been investigating the possibility of locating facilities in an East Asian country such as Thailand, Malaysia, Taiwan, or Singapore. You have been asked by the chief executive officer (CEO) to research what has been happening in these countries in terms of environmental legislation and laws regarding wages and hour

Lakshmi Mittal and the Growth of Mittal Steel

Lakshmi Mittal and the Growth of Mittal Steel. In 2007, a controversal merger between Mittal Steel and Arcelor was completed: 1) What forces drove Mittal Steel to start expanding across national borders? 2) Mittal Steel expanded into different nations through mergers and acquisitions,as opposed to greefield investments Why?