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International Business Strategy

Significance of U.S. Corporations Moving Overseas

Topic of research paper is: "Why Do U.S. Corporations Move Overseas and What Are the Results of These Relocations?" The research question is the final question you expect to answer from all of your research. The sub-questions are the supporting questions you must answer in order to conclude on the primary research questio

First World Court

Is the international court of justice the first world court? What are the procedures of the world court? Are they similar to any U.S. courts? What is an advisory opinion?

International Business

You have achieved great success at Physical Movement Company (PM Co.) as their Sales Manager. PM Company is a three year old, US$25 million home healthcare company, headquartered in the northeastern part of the United States. The firm creates and sells wheelchairs, walkers or other types of "mobility products" that give a person

Niki: An International Business

I need to write a brief organizational analysis answering some questions. 1) Is Niki's production facilities centralized or decentralized? 2) Does the company standardize products or adapt them for different markets?

Gift-giving and accusations of bribery

One of your colleagues recalls an incident at a former employer which involved gift-giving and accusations of bribery. Which of the following points of view do you agree with and why? 1. Although giving gifts shows respect in some cultures, bribery has no place in international business operations. Busines

Japanese way of negotiation

Topic: It has been suggested that negotiation processes can be divided into four stages in any culture. Within this framework, what patterns and practices of negotiation appear to be distinctly "Japanese"? Be sure to include (along with other possible items) timing, persuasive tactics, questioning and information exchange, the

Background and Cultural Information

I need help with the questions at the end of the scenario below. Thank you. Scenario: You have achieved great success at Physical Movement Company (PM Co.) as their Sales Manager. PM Company is a three year old, US$25 million home healthcare company, headquartered in the northeastern part of the United States. The firm

Home computers

Use economic reasoning and analysis to explain: A) Why home computers are now on average less expensive to buy today than 20 years ago

Global entrepreneurship

1. What advice would you offer an entrepreneur interested in launching a global business effort? 2. Explain the statement, "For each benefit gained by regulation, there is a cost."

Case Analysis: International Shoe Co v. Washington

Analyze the case below: Case Analysis INTERNATIONAL SHOE CO. v. WASHINGTON 326 U.S. 310 (1945) Mr. Chief Justice STONE delivered the opinion of the Court. The questions for decision are (1) whether, within the limitations of the due process clause of the Fourteenth Amendment, appellant, a Delaware corporation

Partnering for international business

Case: I am in charge of negotiating an agreement in Korea with the state-owned electricity company to build and own a manufacturing plant. It has been suggested that I include one of the son of the president as a partner in the project. The son is a partner in many important companies even though I do not know of him having any

Strict liability and product liability

Hello, Below is my work which i have completed. Please let me know if my answers seem correct. please help me solve the last problem (5) q:Explain the action that management can take to apply the liability limiting rules to the situation. ------ Workplace Application Report Format 1. Module 2 Topic / Lega

What is the gold standard?

This problem describes the gold standard. It also gives a short desctiption of the relationship with the Bretton Woods System and finally gives some rellevant web references.

Porter's Diamond

The problems discusses important issues related to Porter's Diamond and gives relevant references.

International Collaborative New Product Development

Present a marketing team from a U.S. technology firm. Find an international partner that will joint venture with the U.S. company to develop a new product. The three firms should be from different countries, Japan, Pakistan and Australia. From a cross-cultural management perspective, evaluate the following. 1. What ar

Business communications

If you can provide me some kind of start that would be great. Thank You 1. Describe the challenges of international and cross-cultural business communications. 2. Discuss business communication customs on any country you choose other than the USA. After researching the communication customs of the country you choose, p