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    International Business Strategy

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    Grapevine as a Link Between Formal and Informal Networks

    This question is about the grapevine. Say you have strategy in its appropriate place in the communication model. Our text deals with formal and informal communication types as follows: Formal Network - Well-established, usually along operational lines - Depends on certain established forms or "genres" in the company - P

    Sustaining Exports with a Stronger Dollar

    Deere & Company exports tractors to Spain, but the strong dollar against the Euro hurts sales of Deere Tractors in in the Spanish market. Likewise, Deere faces competition from German and Italian tractor makers, such as Fendt and Claas, whose operating currencies are the Euro. What kind of measures would you recommend so that De

    Foreign Exchange and Purchasing Power Parity

    1. In the spot market 7.8 Mexican pesos can be exchanged for 1 U.S. dollar. A compact disc cost $15 in the United States. If purchasing power parity (PPP) holds, what should be the price of the same disc in Mexico? 2. Suppose that 1 Danish krone could be purchased in the foreign exchange market for 14 U.S. cents today. If the

    International Data Collection

    Turmeric & Spice want you to survey all the spice importers in their business. You know that the average rate of response to email and electronic surveys is 30% and that T&S has 100 importers located around the world. Create a metric based plan for building buy-in from the importers so that you do get at least 30% (and hopeful

    International Business: Positive and Negative Aspects of Offshoring Summarize the positive and negative aspects of offshoring, and state whether you support or are against offshoring and why. Include an experience that you or someone you know has had in which offshoring affected them positively/negatively.

    Summarize the positive and negative aspects of offshoring, and state whether you support or are against offshoring and why. Include an experience that you or someone you know has had in which offshoring affected them positively/negatively. APA references are included.

    Free trade and pro-environment interests.

    Free trade and pro-environment interests are often at odds. Free traders contend that being overly-concerned about the environment interferes with trade, and environmentalists contend that free trade damages the environment. Who makes the most convincing argument?

    Case Study - Banking on Argentina

    Read the case study and respond to the following questions: 1. Discuss how the fall in the value of the peso affected business opportunities for companies doing business in Argentina and in exporting and importing? Should the government allow the peso to fall even farther to stimulate exports? Why, or why not? 2. Do you

    3 Key Recommendations Schwaneger should provide to managers

    Main problem: various company policies were putting International Oil at a competitive disadvantage, especially in developing countries. Background: ? IO was a fairly new conglomerate that grew out of the European Economic Community (EEC) ? IO purpose: to provide a united European competitive front against other major internatio


    Can you give me some pointers on how to approach the following: Your company has a strict policy regarding employees receiving gifts from potential clients or contractors. While overseas, you discover that in some cultures it is customary to give gifts and to refuse is a grave insult. Research confirms this. How do you reco

    Comparative Environmental Framework

    1. Why is evaluating a "national" culture rather than a "regional" culture important? 2. How can language and religion act as "cultural stabilizers"? 3. How do materialism and motivation differ among countries?

    Impact on Exports/Imports on Weaker Dollar

    According to the video below what is the impact on exports and imports of a weaker dollar? What countries does the video indicate may not want a weaker dollar and why? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9VbUjytvXrU&feature=player_embedded

    Agricultural products

    If a country exports agricultural products and imports other kinds of goods but conditions within the country change so that the production of those agricultural products is reduced and made more expensive, how can that change increase the country's well-being?

    Did Taser make any policy changes after many taser deaths?

    Taser International Inc, the largest gun maker lost a 6.2 million jury verdict over the death of a California man who died after police shot him multiple times with the weapon. This defeat is the first for Taser in a product liability claim. The jury awarded $1million in compensatory damages and 5.2 million in punitive damages t

    Adjusting management techniques for foreign trade

    Why do management techniques often need to be adjusted when doing business in a foreign country? As an international manager, how might you adjust your management styles to account for a variety of cultures?

    Developing a Rewards Program

    I have to develop a reward program for a Multinational Corporation with new subsidiaries opening in Japan, France, and the United States. I need your assistance with answering the following questions: - Why is it important to understand what motivates workers in these countries? - Are the motivators different from those in

    international business

    An important aspect of the political environment is the phenomenon of __________, which is a driving force behind political instability around the world. A. ethnicity B. government oppression C. fascism D. racism Which of the following best describes nationalization? A. The use of locals in mana

    Rudi Gassner and Executive Committee of BMG International

    Harvard Business Case: 9-494-055 October 20, 1995 Rudi Gassner and the Executive Committee of BMG International (A) I would like to know: 1) The main issue of this case. 2) Analysis of cause of the issue. 3) Analysis of Ganners' leadership style.

    beliefs of major religions

    Why must international businesspeople be acquainted with the beliefs of the major religions in the areas in which they work?

    International Investment Portfolio

    You have just been appointed as a fund manager for a multinational firm, with the task of increasing the valuation of the company by 10 percent through international investment. You have been given the sum of GBP100 million to obtain your objective. Your task is to construct a portfolio of international investment that can achie

    Products in International Markets

    Please pick 3 products in the U.S. which are difficult to occupy the China market (or China in U.S.); New product in the U.S. which is introduction successes or failures. Just a basic outline for introduction the product that you select and no longer than one page for each product.

    The relationship between falling US dollar & exports

    Please help answer the following question. Provide at least 100 words in the explanation. Explain the relationship between the falling dollar and rising exports. What does this relationship mean for American companies? What are the benefits and the drawbacks for these companies business?

    Opportunities with Developing Countries

    Scenario/synopsis A nongovernmental organization (NGO) can take on many different roles and purposes. It is typically a not-for-profit organization that commonly starts in a place where there is a great need the NGOs services. At its earliest stages, it is a relief organization, such as OXFAM International, which is a confed