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    Products in International Markets

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    Please pick 3 products in the U.S. which are difficult to occupy the China market (or China in U.S.); New product in the U.S. which is introduction successes or failures.

    Just a basic outline for introduction the product that you select and no longer than one page for each product.

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    Product 1
    The first product that I would like to consider is the CNC lathe. This will be a standard lathe that offers complete metal and plastics turning machine with electronic threading and G-code programming. The reason why the CNC lathe has been selected is that China has a high demand for CNC lathes and imports CNC lathes. These lathes can actually be exported to China. There are a large number of industries in China that require CNC lathes but have to use electrical lathes that are less accurate and time consuming to use.
    The CNC lathes use a standard personal computer using master control software. The technology uses high performance USB based motion control. The software provides automatic wizards for threading, roughing of tapers, and feeding of material. The CNC lathe can be used 24 hours a day, the same program can be used thousands of time giving identical results, and the machine can be updated by improving the software used.
    In context of China, the CNC lathes are required to cut metal as well as plastic. There are a large number of industries like machine making, production of steel parts, and the making of cars that require high quality CNC lathes. Currently, CNC lathes are being imported into China. There is no way that China will produce CNC lathes ...

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