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    Positive & Negative Aspects of Offshoring

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    Summarize the positive and negative aspects of offshoring, and state whether you support or are against offshoring and why. Include an experience that you or someone you know has had in which offshoring affected them positively/negatively. APA references are included.

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    There are positive and negative aspects of offshoring. The primary benefit of offshoring is the cost advantage it produces. Producing goods offshore results in lower production costs due to lower labor rates and operating expenses. In service sectors, lower labor rates also equate to greater savings. One might also argue that offshoring helps a company gain greater global awareness, a better understanding of diverse customers' needs, and the ability to adapt quickly to changes. Offshoring also allows a company to alleviate problems due to time differences by supporting customers in a 24-7 operation in service industries.

    Offshoring can lead to greater productivity: each country is doing what it does best. Labor released in the United States can be used to do other tasks, in which U.S. has more ability and cheaper costs. Offshoring encourages more trade and exchange of resources, ...

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    THis solution summarizes the positive and negative aspects of offshoring, and states whether the author is in support or against offshoring and why. The solution includes an experience in which offshoring affected the author positively/negatively.