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    Impact of gloablization

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    Provide a short analysis of the impact of globalization on a country with specific attention to some of the main forces associated with globalization (technology, trade and integration, offshoring and outsourcing, migration, transportation, environmental pollution) and the impact of these forces have on different stakeholders (such as domestic companies, workers, farmers, indigenous cultures, and different demographic groups) within that country with implications of the issues and their impact on international management practice.

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    Globalization is a process of extending boundaries through interaction among individuals, companies, economies, and aided by technological advancements. This process has an effect on the culture, environment, economic development, political systems, and on human well-being around the world.

    Some of the main forces associated with globalization are:

    Technology: Developments and breakthrough in technology are an outcome of globalization. Innovations like internet have virtually brought together the whole world. Coming together of different nations has provided a platform for new possibilities of advancement in technical space which can be aimed to increase production.

    Impact: Technology improvements have given new opportunities to developing countries. It has provided access to developed country markets with a payback with improved productivity and higher living standard. On individuals, the impact is positive as it has helped broaden their knowledge base and increased the rate of employment in developing nations.

    Trade & Integration: Trade and integration is the heart of globalization. Expansion of global boundaries has provided many developing nations an opportunity to enhance their economic growth while providing a diverse range of less expensive products to people in developed countries. At the same time it has led to people in economically backward regions to move to cities in search of jobs and moving of jobs from developed nations to developing nations. However, there has been an overall positive impact among ...

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    The solution discusses the impact of globalization from a technology, trade, offshoring, and migration perspective