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International Business Strategy

Student Teaching

Describe student teaching. Please include your expectations prior to observing and what you may have observed. How would you use the experience you gained from this in the future as it pertains to the classroom interactions with people from diverse backgrounds?

Question about International Fisher Effect (IFE)

24. Beth Miller does not believe that the international Fisher effect (IFE) holds. Current one- year interest rates in Europe are 5 percent, while one-year interest rates in the U.S. are 3 percent. Beth converts $100,000 to euros and invests them in Germany. One year later, she converts the euros back to do

International Fisher Effect (IFE)

Explain the international Fisher effect (IFE). What is the rationale for the existence of the IFE? What are the implications of the IFE for firms with excess cash that consistently invest in foreign Treasury bills? Explain why the IFE may not hold.

Riordan Expansion to Japan

Assume that Riordan is now considering an expansion to Japan and that Robert Lord's pay is $140,000 per year in the United States. Taking into consideration that an expatriate's pay would include housing, healthcare, transportation, allowances and premiums, and so forth, how would Robert Lord's pay as an expatriate differ from t

Investigate the economy of the Philippines and its neighbors.

Please help me with a PowerPoint for the following: Your organization (you may select any organization you wish, real or fictional) is considering investing in the Philippines, and you have been asked to give a presentation on this opportunity. In the presentation, you need to address the following: Investigate the economy

Shell in Nigeria

Given the high political risk in Nigeria, why doesn't Shell go somewhere? Note: The source should be cited.

Gassner's vision for BMG International

Harvard Business Case: 9-494-055 October 20, 1995 Rudi Gassner and the Executive Committee of BMG International (A) 1. What was Gassner's original strategy for BMG-I? Why did he change it? 2. How does the change affect the various divisions of BMG-I? 3. How would you evaluate Gassner as a leader? 4. Is the Execu

Trade Restrictions

Please help with the following problem. Child labor, insignificant wages, poor working conditions, etc....are common practices in many countries in the world. When the first world, decided to fight these practices by imposing trade restrictions and fines on those companies that use these methods. What is the effect on those

Market Screening

Visit to select a region and country to review for the final project. List the country and product you choose for the final project. Complete the market screening portion of your final project using the sources of information that relate to your selected country found on the Bu

International business culture and communication multi country culture.

MATS has tele-employees (employees who work remotely through e-mail and other forms of communication) all over the world with cultural backgrounds from both high and low context cultures. Karl wants you to design a presentation that will be delivered virtually to help different cultures understand each other better. Your pre

Global Business Evaluate Various Exit Strategies.

I need some help in evaluating various business strategies for Canada. We are a company who has created a joint venture relationship: I need help in evaluating the various exit strategies in Canada; e.g. divestiture of assets, handing over business to joint venture business partner, or shut down the operation and finally what wo

US Role in World Economy

1. Describe the U.S. role in the world economy. 2. With respect to international business, What is the Triad? What is the Quad? Why are they important to international business?

Exporting and Importing

Post your response to the following: There are many reasons a company would choose to export their products to a different country. Likewise, there are also many reasons a company would choose to import products from another country. Imagine that you are the manufacturer of a product. What are two potential reasons you may c

Employee relations and international business expansion

Please help with the following problem. Provide at least 300 words. Organizations face many challenges as a result of a merger or acquisition. Describe potential challenges that may arise in employee relations and provide recommendations for addressing them to help the combined organization succeed.

Products for Taiwan - Smog/Sewer Issues

What is a good product to export to Taiwan to help with the smog and sewer problem? What effect might the economic and socioeconomic forces within that country have on the product's potential?

International busineess

How dangerous is it for a company looking to expand globally to ignore the forces that exist?

International Business: Over Sea Projects

Please help with the following problem. Provide at least 200 words in the solution. Things can and do go wrong with international business deals and overseas projects. What do you think are viable or smart exit plans - when things go wrong?

Global Business

I am writing a paper introducing an internal computer modem into China. I have proposed contracting to have parts of the modem & microchip(s) manufactured from a company like SMIC, then having a local company mount the chips onto a printed circuit board and put the modem together. Finally it would be packed into a box (it's own

The Blitz International Case

A departmental store, Blitz International, has hired you to design their new shopping portal. You are planning to incorporate user computer experience into the design of the shopping portal. What are some of the questions that you might want to ask to get an understanding of the level of computing knowledge of the users? Expl

Is nationalization of industry reasonable?

In today's environment where Capitalism is King, nationalization of industry is generally regarded as "a bad thing". Nevertheless, there are instances throughout the world where it may be a reasonable option for various reasons. Do you agree?

Business/Economic Questions

1. Brief summary of the article and its impact on administration within a public organization. Be sure to provide reference information for this article. Aaronson, Susan Ariel (2003), Courting international business, The International Economy, Spring, Pp 63-64 The article discusses the human rights obligations of the g