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International Business Strategy

Impact on of individual employee's personalities

Scenario: You are the newly promoted Manufacturing Coordinator, reporting directly to the Director of Operations at Universal Products, International (UPI) a medium sized manufacturer of high-end consumer electronics components. You have several years of increasing responsibility in UPI, working your way up from a production

What are the trends in international political systems?

Political ideology has an effect on international business and trade. Compare and contrast the features of totalitarianism, democracy and individualism and collectivism and their influence on international trade. What are the trends in international political systems? Will democracy and individualism grow/ decline in the

International Taxation for United States Corporation

Problems: 1. Galaxy Inc, a US Corporation, is engaged in the business of rendering engineering and project management services in Country A. Galaxy also licenses certain Country A patents to clients for use in connection with project in which Galaxy is involved. Country A has no generally applicable income tax. It does, howeve

Internatonal Taxation

Problems 1. African art Traditions, Ltd, ("Traditions") is a long-established, family-owned company organized and operated in a West African country to purchase art objects produced by artists and craftsmen in West Africa and sell them to tourists visiting the country. Traditions has never sold such objects in the United States

International company inquiry

Select and research an international company that interests you. Hyundai (Annual reports often can be obtained from companies' web sites.) Conduct a brief organizational analysis by answering the following questions: 1. What type of organizational structure does it have? 2. Which of the two types of international strat

International Executive Compensation Programs

Introduction: A Japanese company operating in the United States has both American and Japanese executives working at their corporate headquarters. The Japanese national executives in the United States are expatriates. When the American executives are in foreign countries, they are also expatriates. Tasks: * Explain th

Advice Regarding International Expansion

I need advice on privacy, security and infringement issues that would assist this company in it's dilemma?. BUG has come to you for advice regarding its international expansion. BUG wants to sell its products via the Internet. BUG is concerned about privacy, security, and infringement issues. 3(A) Advise BUG on any internati

International Taxation For Foreign Corporations

Can help me get a grasp on these questions? I'm stuck... 1. HKco is a wholly owned Hong Kong subsidiary of USAco, a domestic corporation. USAco sells widgets to HKco, which then resells them to Korean customers. In addition, USAco pays HKco a fee for fi nding materials in Japan that USAco buys as a component for its widgets.

Valuation and international taxation (Peripatetic Enterprises)

Valuation and international taxation Peripatetic Enterprises, a U.S. import-export trading firm, is considering its international tax situation. US tax law requires U.S. corporations to pay taxes on their foreign earnings at the same rate as profits earned in the United States; and this rate is currently 45%. However, a full

International Business

International markets are appealing if a company is looking to expand to new markets or customers. When the decision is made to go international, there needs to be a lot of research and some serious planning. The product that the company is trying to sell or market needs to be successful. Also take into consideration the fina

International Allocation of Equities

The HFS Trustees have solicited input from three consultants concerning the risks and rewards of an allocation to international equities. Two of them strongly favor such action, while the third consultant commented as follows: "The risk reduction benefits of international investing have been significantly overstated. Recent stu

International Taxation: US source vs. foreign source

1. USAco loans $100,000 to Toni, a U.S. citizen and resident. Interest of $10,000 is payable annually on December 31 of each year. Toni is physically present in Mexico on December 31, 2009 when he pays the interest. The interest income is: (a) U.S. source because USAco is a domestic corporation. (b) U.S. source because Toni is

International Taxation: Status of Don, a citizen of Great Britain, in the US

1. Don is a citizen of Great Britain and a famous race car driver. He decides to come to the U.S. to open a car dealership in Detroit. Don does not obtain a green card or U.S. citizenship, but he procures a visa to work in the U.S. He is in the U.S. during the following periods: ? 2008: April 1 through August 1 ? 2009: June 1

Merck's deal with INBio

Short and direct answers is needed for the question. thank you Was Meck's deal with INBio ethically justifiable? why or why not?

The cultural centers of the western

The cultural centers of the western world seemed to move with the rise and fall of various cultures. The 19th century was the Age of Victoria, and thus London grew to be the cultural middle of the west. It held onto that title, even after the British Empire had started to fall apart. However, with the huge expansion of the US pr

How to Incentivize International Managers

See attached file for full case description. The CEO has given you an assignment to devise a different method of allocating home office expenses to the consulting offices that will give the right incentives to office managing directors, and that will avoid giving them the wrong incentives, to maximize firm profits.

International Portfolio Diversification

I need help on this assignment I have to write it about international Portfolio Diversification. 1. Prepare the paper in which you explain at least three benefits of international portfolio diversification. 2. Discuss how three different global funds have used the concept of international portfolio diversification to su

Selecting Candidates for International Positions

As Vice President of Human Resources for Orca Water, Inc., you are charged with filling overseas plant operations management positions. In general terms, discuss the advantages and disadvantages of hiring each of the following individuals for a position in Chile or Brazil: Candidate A Single individual graduated two years

Are the various cultures converging or diverging?

In today's dynamic international business world, one can easily imagine a situation in which a British executive who was trained at an American business school is asked to run the Argentine manufacturing facility of a Japanese firm. In a world in which international communications have become both inexpensive and common, the

Organization environments: Imports and Market Potential

1. Do a country's imports completely measure the market potential for a product? why or why not? 2. Additionally what other criteria that could be used to measure a markets potential? I'm having trouble finding information on the subject. I just a simple explanation is required; it is not an essay.

International Business

The global carmaker you work for is investing in an automobile assembly facility in Chennai, India with a local partner. Explain the potential reasons for this investment. Will your company want to exercise a great deal of control over this operation? Why or why not? Over what areas might your company want to exercise control, a

The answer to Global Organization

1. Examine of the different types of business plans of a global organization. (300 words) 2. Who would you invite to a meeting to discuss your organization's global expansion objectives? Why would you invite each participant? What would be your selection criteria? How would you setup the agenda for the meeting? (200 words)

Relevance of global markets, political & economic history

Please do not post previous answers. Please explain in detail. 250 words each #1. The study of global business is relevant if you work or plan to work in a large multinational company, but it has little or no significance for individuals who work in smaller national firms. Do you agree or disagree? Defend your argument wi

Should the firm favor concentrated manufacturing or decentralized manufacturing?

Can you help me get started with this assignment? A chemical firm is considering how best to supply the world market for sulfuric acid. A manufacturing plant costs approximately $20 million to construct and requires a moderately skilled workforce. The total value of the world market for this product over the next 10 years i