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    Negotiator's Best Practices

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    You will produce a term paper related to the art of negotiation. This two page paper should contain at least 500 words and be in APA format.

    Term Paper Topic

    Preparing a paper that summarizes a stream of research in one of the many areas of negotiation -- e.g. the effectiveness of threats, face saving, strategies of deterrence, effectiveness of third parties, etc. Topics can be generated from the research-oriented textbooks and journals.

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    A negotiation is a dynamic thing, it waxes and wanes with giving that seems like taking, and taking that seems like giving. In the sense that every meeting and every conversation is a kind of negotiation, one's own personal perspective is also a kind of bias. A deeper exploration into negotiating reveals that much of what a good negotiator does is counter-intuitive, almost opposite of what you would do 'naturally' (if one was not tasked with being a negotiator). Thus, a good negotiator must know and understand themselves completely in order be able to do what is required to move the negotiation along, even if it means behaving in ways that are not 'naturally occurring' for that person.

    Good negotiators use silence and may take extreme positions in order to bring the conversation closer to an unrevealed line in the sand. The argument from the 'other side' of the table may be completely valid, but what is reasonably or even rationally valid is not necessarily politically valid. If a negotiator sees a hole in a position, they will exploit it. Negotiators may use a strategic or synergistic approach, depending on what is being negotiated and who is at the negotiating table. ...

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    This is a short essay on best practices of negotiation with two peer reviewed sources, as well as one additional reference.