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    Best Practices Manual for New Supervisors

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    Compile the following sections of a best practices manual for new supervisors. Your overall contributions to the manual should be 2,100-2,800 words in length and cite a minimum of three sources.

    Your manager has asked you and other veteran supervisors to create a best practices manual for new supervisors. Your assignment is to contribute two best practices for each assigned section of the manual. The sections to which you will contribute best practices cover the following supervisory responsibilities:

    1. Demonstrating Communication Skills
    2. Determining Effective Orientation and Training Methods
    3. Improving Productivity for Teams
    4. Conducting Performance Appraisals
    5. Resolving Conflict
    6. Improving Employee Relations

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    This "Best Practices" manual is being compiled, with the hopes of aiding supervisors for an easier transition into our company. Using best practices is an important detail in relation to becoming a successful leader. Our employees are encouraged in providing feedback concerning best practices already in use. This solution is 2547 words.