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? The importance of an International peace and security on a local and global level?
? The frame work of the standards of the above mentioned including economic, political, legal, and global warming?
? Previos and present and possible predictible future scenarious to provide as evidence of the breach/importance of such securities?
? Who should be in charge to play the role of protecting the world? And how? Or should there be a cooperative measure among the common goals of the top world decision makers?

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// In this paper, we will discuss about importance of international peace and security. We will also explain the frame work of political, economical, legal and global warming standards of international peace and security. The paper will be helpful in learning about the future scenario of international peace and security. This paper will also describe who should be involved in providing protection to the world. //

Importance of international peace and security

Every human being has a right to live safely and peacefully, so international peace and security is required in every country. The organizations implement several policies for keeping peace and security. These policies are made in order to make employees feel better through peaceful and safe working environment. The organizations always try to generate long term peace, security and safety for the welfare of the people (Kirchner, 2008).

Peacekeeping is an important exercise which is considered by several countries in order to protect individuals through global peace and security. The importance of international peace and security on global level can be explained with the statement that if peace and security is maintained at global or local level, national and international countries can do business and other activities with each other peacefully and safely (White, 1990).

The creation of ...

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The response addresses the importance of international peace, security and framework of standards posted in 879 words with references.