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    A Day in the Life of an African Parent in 2006

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    Imagine you are an African parent living in 2006. Start off by describing yourself and the state of your family. Explain where you reside in Africa. Describe a typical day in your life and the challenges you face due to the unique geographical and political situation in your city or town.

    What do you eat every day?
    What and where do you usually buy groceries and other household articles?
    What do you do for entertainmen is it local, global, or both?
    What is your greatest worry?

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    I used Cameroon as the basis for this essay. My information was based on two sites:
    as well as personal knowledge gained from a friend who is a tribal chief of a village in Cameroon.

    I am a female with two children. I live in a large village near a city, Bamenda. I work for a local farming company, packing produce for shipment to the northern area of Africa. My children are in school. They will go to school more than I did. I can read and write, but only English, which is what the local school taught. I can speak the language of my village, a cross between native and French. My parents are dead and so is my husband, who died of AIDS. I am afraid of AIDS, because it has taken so many lives. I am hoping to go to work soon at a local petro company, where the ...

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    IN 723 words, this solution gives insight into the day-to-day life of a woman livign near Bamenda such as the state of her job, home and children.