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    Operant Conditioning and Corporal Punishment

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    Is it true that most African American children operant conditioning or time out does not work, taking away a privilege most times does not work, increasing chores does not work even the scare of corporal punishment sometimes does not work, however a parent still must follow through with through with corporal punishment as the last resort?

    Is it legal for a parent to apply corporal punishment to their children?

    I heard of the rumor that being stern or strict goes over big with African American children. Do you think that this is true or not?

    Is there any truth the statement that corporal punishment is prevalent in the African American families because of slavery times and the whippings that the African American people endured? Do you think that this was a learned behavior (or modeling) on how to control people?

    Is this true that (corporal punishment) is a way of controlling children which is also used by whites and other groups of people and that it is most prevalent in the more underprivileged communities?

    Do you think that African American children are of a different temperament than white children?

    However, if you find a white child or any other ethnic culture that has been predominately raised around the African American culture their parents seem to follow suit with the African American culture. What do you think about this synopsis?

    If there is any research findings that most African American children are resistant to Operant conditioning or that African American children temperament is different than white children or other ethnic groups or to any other assumptions mention in this posted question about African American parents being strict or using corporal punishment to make their children behave.

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    1. It is true that some of the minor forms of operant conditioning sometimes do not work with African-American children just as any of the children, but the parent must still seek to utilize or exhaust those methods before utilizing corporal punishment.

    2. In the US corporal punishment is legal in some states but illegal in others. In addition, in some states corporal punishment can be utilized within the schools, and not utilized within the homes, and vice versa in other states.

    3. I don't think that's stern on strict goes over any better with African-American children than others, it has just been found to be an effective culturally accepted method of maintaining ...