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Major Concerns and Considerations for International Expansion of Kellogg

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Kellogg Company (you know them as Kellogg's, makers of Rice Krispies, Corn Flakes, and a variety of other cold cereal products) celebrated its 100th anniversary a few years ago in 2006. As with many companies, it has attempted to expand internationally. Assume that Kellogg's decides to enter India with its line of cold cereals. India is a country of one billion people - certainly, this is a potential large market!

What are some of the major concerns and considerations relative to international expansion and on which Kellogg should reflect before it decides to venture into this country and begin to market its Corn Flakes and related products?

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Kellogg should first consider the demand for dry cereal product in India, based on cultural preferences and other preferences in breakfast food. " Indians, rather like the Chinese, think that to start the day with something cold -- like cold milk on your cereal -- is a shock to the system," (Bhan & Nemer, 2006). The company may not be able to sell some products, like Corn Flakes, in its current form. Adding warm milk will make the flakes soggy and undesirable. ...

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