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    International Business Strategy

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    On one of the Internet search engines, can you type, "Top 100 companies to work for." Pick one of the companies on the list that interests you and answer these questions: 1. What company did you choose and why? 2. List at least 3 different types of employees in that business. 3. What information does each of the employees yo

    Time management in fast-paced work environments

    Your expertise would be greatly appreciate how exactly to set this up: Pick a couple of the most important resources from each activity on the list about them in your paper. You can also include any resources you have discovered on your own. 1) National Association for Business Economics' career center 2) Career center fi

    Organizational Structure: Reporting Systems and Subsidiaries

    The MNC might practice a modified structure where the headquarters is the hub and the subsidiaries are the local entities. This allows the functions of finance and management to occur in the headquarters, but resource acquisitions and labor to be a local plan. Administrative systems and IT are created and handled within the basi

    Japanese Culture Discussion

    What I need to know is what is it meant by gusoku ("My stupid son") or gusai ("My stupid wife") in Japanese, and are these sayings considered hypocrisy in expressing one's self modestly in this way among the Japanese. Do you have any documentation or e-books on the Japanese culture and or the expressing of language in Japan and

    Tata Motors and the Fiat Auto: Joining Forces

    Case study found on this link http://www.yumpu.com/en/document/view/10366142/icmr-case-collection-andhra-university-visakhapatnam - Explain the business opportunity in India. - Based on your understanding of the case, explain if Fiat can benefit from a partner and provide your rationale. - Discuss whether Fiat and Tata

    MNC Effective Negotiation

    How can MNCs effectively negotiate with local employees, local suppliers, and local governments in the Middle East? Will need to do 750 words by Tuesday- can someone help get me started?

    Theory of Motivation/Hierarchy of Needs

    Considering theories of motivation briefly explain Maslow's hierarchy of needs theory and explain the implications of the theory cross-culturally and from an international business perspective. Please provide 3-4 solid references. Thanks for your assistance.

    Selection of Country/Market for a New Product

    The country is Dubai, and the company/service is IMS DriveSync® solution, which combines the best of vehicle telematics, in-car information and entertainment, with the fun of social networking - turning any vehicle into the ultimate Connected Car™. See more at: http://www.intellimec.com/drivesync/#sthash.ExlHFKYf.dpuf Plea

    Target Market and Environmental Scan - Italy

    Target Market and Environmental Scan: This section describes the target market/country in terms of the factors within that country that will have an impact on the company's ability to do business there. It will also describe the target customer and forecast the potential sales that this segment of the market represents.

    Union Carbide - Dow Chemical Case

    Hello, I have a short case with 4 Questions (no's 2-5) that I would like a detailed opinion on. I am not looking for an answer, but rather something to help push me along. I will have to do my own research and support my own position, but I feel I need a push. 1. Why did Union Carbide invest in India? 2. How could Union Car

    Political Policies for Economic Growth

    "Five of the fastest-growing economies of the past 30 years—China, South Korea, Taiwan, Singapore, and Hong Kong—had one thing in common at the start of their economic growth: undemocratic governments. Thus, it can be concluded that totalitarian governments are better for a functioning market economy than are democratic gove

    International Shipment Considerations

    Case: A Canadian Lumber supplier normally only sells to Canadian Pulp & Paper plants. They just received an unsolicited order from a plant in Venezuela. They have been asked to ship $1,000,000 CAD of goods to Venezuela. The buyer is unwilling to pay in advance and can only post an LC for $400,000. They intend to sell the lumb

    International Expansion from the Perspective of an Individual Company

    Looking at the issues affecting international expansion into a country from the perspective of an individual company, what are some categories and examples of uncertainties in the political climate that have to be considered to mitigate risk of expansion? Please include a 2-3 references.

    Defining a Learning Organization

    Business leaders have trouble coming to a consensus on the meaning of a "learning organization". How would you define a learning organization? What characteristics would it need to have? What role would you, as the manager, have in creating this kind of environment? What are the advantages and disadvantages of this type of o

    How HRM Concepts can be Applied in an International Workplace

    Question: Select a country that you are familiar with (outside of the U.S. and Canada). Applying your international HRM experience and/or knowledge--discuss HRM applications and/or concepts applied in this international workplace setting. It would be wonderful if you would discuss a specific company (or group of companies) by

    Joint Venture - Nora and Sakari

    Article: Questions: 1. Would you identify the problems between Nora and Sakari and the cause? 2. There are three options that Zainal can choose in order to fulfill the TMB contract: 1) To Accept Sakari's terms (which are unsustainable)

    Big Idea Groups - Middleman Case Study

    In this case study, the founders of the Big Idea Group (BIG) acted as the middlemen between those individuals with ideas for children's products and those companies that were interested in developing the idea. After establishing a process for selecting ideas with good potential and matching them with the best corporation, manage

    Organizing U.S. Based and Mexico-Based Teams

    You are the leader of the team that is organizing the venture to establish Taco Bell's first location in Mexico. How do you organize your U.S.-based and Mexico-based team members to ensure that planning, organization and execution all go smoothly?

    Financial Management in the International Business

    You are the CFO of a Canadian firm that is considering building a $10 million factory in Russia to produce milk. The investment is expected to produce net cash flows of $3 million each year for the next 10 years, after which the investment will have to close down because of technological obsolescence. Scrap values will be zero.

    macroeconomic profile of Canada

    - Present the macroeconomic profile for Canada. This can be obtained through http://worldbank.org/data - Provide examples that show how this environment helps or hinders the ease of doing business in Canada.

    Freedom vs Prosperity

    China continues to prosper and grow, and in many ways they are eclipsing the US. Considering the stagnant US economy (job and housing markets, the Federal debt, etc...), would you consider sacrificing some freedoms (such as where you can live, what you can read, where you can work, etc...) if it meant increasing career opportun

    Transporation Model

    The transportation model attempts to find the lowest cost means of shipping from several origins to several destinations. Assume that you are the manager of a multinational manufacturing organization. You have production plants in the United States and Germany. Product A is made in the United States and Product B is made in Germ

    Plan for Hospital Administrator in The Health Care Industry

    Can you help me develop an action plan for a Hospital Administrator that deals with the upcoming trends in the healthcare industry. Specifically describe how the organization can meet their future needs and how they will prepare employees for their employment future.

    The Impact of Terrorism on South East Asia's Economy

    Analysis the impact of terrorism on the economic well being of South East Asia on: - current trends and activities of terrorist and terrorism related activities in South East Asia, - the countries specifically implied and are affected by terrorism activities, - what mitigation action taken by various South East Asian governme