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The Process of Using Alibaba

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Address the following questions. Remember to cite any sources used, including the textbook (APA format is required).

• Visit the website www.alibaba.com. .
• Choose a product and supplier from whom you would import the product. For example, you can search for suppliers of "golf clubs" in the country of " Indonesia" or in the region of " Asia." .
• Describe the product and the supply company you chose. Briefly explain the rationale for your choice. .
• Analyze the process for usefulness and potential value. Name at least one benefit and one drawback of using this type of website to conduct trade. .
• Is it reasonable to speculate that eventually most trade SME's might take place in the context of sites like Alibaba.com? .
• How transparent do sites like Alibaba.com make the import-export transaction? Would you still worry about fraud? Why, or why not? .
• How might the global financial crisis create opportunities and threats for sites like Alibaba.com. .

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Upon visiting Alibaba.com, I chose a "700c colorful fixed gear bike" to import from China. I chose this item because it was colorful and cheap. The price is $10 to $30 US dollars, an extremely reasonable price. I picked a bicycle because there has been an increasing interest in bicycle riding with the increase of gasoline prices. In addition, there is an interest in fitness, and as more cities have expanded their bike programs, owning your own bike allows one to take advantage of bike-friendly pathways. This particular bike also appealed to me because it would not involve a major investment for the buyer, so it would be a great "starter" bike.

The bike is being sold by the Zhejiang Jianlong Bicycle Co., Ltd. Alibaba has verified this company and "their operation certificate has been proven valid by the 3rd party verification company" (Alibaba, 2013). In ...

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This solution discusses visiting alibaba.com and then choosing a supplier to import product. It describes the product, supply company and why it was chosen. The solution analyzes the process for usefulness and potential value, including benefits and drawbacks. It discusses the process for usefulness and transparency, and discusses how the global financial crisis creates opportunities and threats for sites like Alibaba.com. Includes APA formatted references.