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    Freedom vs Prosperity

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    China continues to prosper and grow, and in many ways they are eclipsing the US.
    Considering the stagnant US economy (job and housing markets, the Federal debt, etc...), would you consider sacrificing some freedoms (such as where you can live, what you can read, where you can work, etc...) if it meant increasing career opportunity and wages?

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    It sounds like what we're really talking about here is socialism versus capitalism or the good of all versus the good of one. China has long been a country that operates under the premise that things are done for the good of society and everyone within it, as do many other countries. Though socialism does have roots in communism, in its purest form, socialism is more about taking care of all in an equal ...

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    A discussion regarding the concept of sacrificing freedoms for the trade of increased career opportunities and wages. 223 words, 1 reference.