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MNC Effective Negotiation

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How can MNCs effectively negotiate with local employees, local suppliers, and local governments in the Middle East?

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//Professionals in the Middle Eastern countries need to deal with the governments, suppliers or the employees To successfully enter into a new country, prior knowledge of the people and the cultural aspects of that country is essential for managers.//

If a multinational organization enters a new and unexplored country market, it has to go through certain newer experiences as it has no prior knowledge about the operations in the unknown and new environment. Among all the issues, the primary one which the company has to deal with is the issue of cultural likes and preferences of people in the domestic market. In order to be successful in the new country's market, the multinational company should take care of the interests of the local governments, suppliers, employees, consumers and others.

Dealing with Arab government

The traditions, customs and cultural preferences of any country located in a specific geographical area differ widely from the cultures and traditions that prevail in other parts of the world. Just like any part of the world, the countries located in the Middle East also have their own customs and traditions and thus, all the professionals from multinationals are required to abide by them. For example, as per their tradition, Middle Eastern businessmen prefer not to deal with women professionals and might even consider it offensive. While dealing with the governments and ...

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The response addresses the queries posted in 877 words with references.

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