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    IPOs - Initial Public Offerings

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    Jo Ann Prevetti, MBA, PhD (IP) (#106326)

    This book is a complete study guide for Initial Public Offerings (IPOs.) The book will discuss how companies change from being privately held to being publicly owned. An important part of this process is the issuing of an IPO. Underwriters play a significant role in this process and their function will be addressed. In addition, this study guide contains a comprehensive analysis of marketing, pricing, and how trading take companies to the stock market.

    This book is ideal for all business students from high school through graduate school. At one time or another, the need to understand IPOs will arise and the steps must be properly understood, as this process is a significant part of the business world. Entrepreneurs and small business owners can utilize this book to understand IPOS and how they can assist in expanding these people's own companies to a national or global level.

    An Introduction to IPOs - Initial Public Offerings

    An Initial Public Offering (IPO) is a process where unissued securities (common and preferred shares that are owned by stakeholders in a company, that have never exchanged for money or services) are sold by the owners of the company. When society hears the term IPO, many may feel that this is a great opportunity to become part of something huge, something exciting, and, at the same time, something risky. IPOs are just that.

    This book will discuss the highs and lows, as well as the successes and failures associated with IPOs. Some have proven to be very successful while others have been treacherous. Proper planning and an understanding of the process are crucial. Marketing, advising, trading, and pricing are all key factors to a successful IPO. One mistake can cost a firm and its investors millions.

    This eBook will show how to avoid the pitfalls of inexperience and greed when considering an IPO, as well as discuss the steps for success.


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