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    exporting our Mexican sauce to Australia

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    Please answer each question and cite your references.

    It is time to bring together some of the critical costs involved in exporting and selling our Mexican sauce in Australia.

    Consider one pound of sauce.

    Then research, estimate and discuss the following:

    1. The average landing cost at the port of destination (Note: consider one pound of sauce in your calculations.)

    2. The average wholesale and retail markups for the channel members

    3. The typical trade promotions (e.g., discounts)

    4. The average retail price to the consumer in the foreign market

    5. Please cite all references

    Some helpful external Sources:

    Title: USA Trade.gov - Chapter 11
    Description: Pricing quotations and sales terms
    URL: http://www.unzco.com/basicguide/c11.html

    Title: U.S. Department of Labor
    Description: Import/Export Price Indexes
    URL: http://www.bls.gov/mxp/

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