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    Implications of global expansion in India

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    The global carmaker you work for is investing in an automobile assembly facility in Chennai, India with a local partner. Explain the potential reasons for this investment. Will your company want to exercise a great deal of control over this operation? Why or why not? Over what areas might your company want to exercise control, and in what areas might it cede control to the partner?

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    Among the reasons are skilled labor, education, potential customer base, and good wage labor pool. In each of these there is a sound financial reason for each.

    India is well known for their skilled labor and often supplement companies' needs for training by supporting through the state, training classes. Indians put a high premium on the value of education and many are highly educated, some with multiple degrees. ...

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    A discussion on the implications of expansion of a car company into India, including skills, education, labor, and the amount and type of control in the company.