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    International crime court

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    Need some help in preparing a 1300 word paper with the following scenario.
    A law firm's international law partner is an international celebrity who was born in Europe and is now a U.S. citizen. He has been invited to speak at an international law conference, and he is going to give a speech on international war crimes. He has involvment with the International Criminal Court (ICC).

    Specifically, he has asked someone to research the following:

    The history regarding the formation of the ICC.
    Whether the ICC has any impact on international war crimes.
    He also needs a memorandum outlining the research.
    To complete your research, briefly list and describe the sources of law that the ICC might utilize when trying a case.

    Please list all references and do not copy word for word.

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    The history regarding the formation of the ICC:
    In July 1998, the 120 members of the United Nations adopted a treaty to form a permanent international criminal court. This resolution was passed in Rome and a Preparatory Commission for the International Criminal Court was set up in 1998. This commission was given the task of setting up, and ensuring the smooth functioning of the International Criminal Court. The purpose of the setting up of the International Criminal Court was to bring solace to the surviving members and to punish the guilty. Moreover, it was expected that the court would become a deterrent to the committing of crimes like crimes against humanity, genocide and war crimes. The Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court was set up on July 1, 2002. This statute, came into force on that date and so the International Criminal Court came into being on that date. The court has 108 members. However, there are several influential countries like the USA, China and Russia that not joined the court. The International Criminal Court can exercise jurisdiction over persons that are nationals of member states, the crime took place within the boundaries of a member state or if a situation is referred to the International Criminal Court by the United States Security Council.
    From another perspective after the Nuremberg and Tokyo tribunals after the World War II, in the year 1948 the UN General Assembly recognized the need for a permanent international court. Since then atrocities in the world have taken place. Several crimes have like genocide, ethnic cleansing, slavery and maiming have led to discussions at the UN and among its member states to have an International Criminal Court. The UN Security Council set up tribunals to try perpetrators of crime in Rwanda and the erstwhile Yugoslavia. However, since the scope of the tribunals was limited there was need felt to establish a permanent International Criminal Court. The members of the UN felt that war criminals would carry out their plans if they believed they could go free. In other words there was a need for deterrence.
    The court has exercised its jurisdiction in the Democratic Republic of Congo, Northern Uganda, Darfur and the Central African Republic.
    Whether the ICC has any impact on international war ...

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