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Comparing two MNE companies: Coca Cola and Anglo American

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Review the company overviews of Coca-Cola and Anglo American on their corporate websites. Discuss the concept of complementarity within the context of the operations of the two MNEs Coca-Cola and Anglo American.

What equipment, components, and/or complementary products are needed in host countries as a result of their foreign operations that may stimulate foreign trade in both the short and the long run?

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The following posting discusses the concept of complementarity with respect to Coca-Cola and Anglo American.

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Company Overview:

Coca Cola's company overview provides the company's mission whereby the company provides that it aims to refresh the world and inspire moments of optimism and happiness. In its overview, the company provides that it has more than 3500 beverages sold in more than 200 countries and the company has more than 139,600 employees (The Coca Cola Company, 2011). Anglo American company overview provides the nature of business the company operates whereby the company is involved in mining, exploration and innovation (Anglo American, n.d.). Anglo American (n.d.) provides ...

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