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International Negotiations Strategies

Discuss how culture is like an iceberg. What are the main implications of this analogy and how do the implications affect cultural negotiation

Assume you are speaking with a co-worker who complained about the problems he encounters when dealing with someone from another culture, what negotiation cultural considerations would you share with this person. Discuss whether or not you think sharing the information alone is sufficient enough to change the experience of your co-worker; support your response

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Culture is like an iceberg due to the fact that in most cases we know very little about other cultures, which would represent the tip of an iceberg, and the more we learn about other cultures, it seems like the more there is to learn. In other words, the more knowledge that we accumulate about a culture, it seems the better we can use this knowledge to understand the intricacies of many aspects of that culture on a continuous basis, which would represent the vast ...