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International Busines: International Monetary Fund (IMF)

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Research a recent article on the International Monetary Fund (IMF); perform an online search for an article that is at least 2-3 pages in length. Read the article, and think about how the topic relates to the concepts discussed in Chapter 10. Write a brief summary report, and discuss how the article relates to the IMF's position of influence on individual nation's economic policy. You should incorporate terminology and concepts included in the chapter to summarize the article. Remember to cite any sources used, including the textbook (APA format is required

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The solution discusses an article on the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and analyzes and discusses the concepts.

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Summary of the article:

This article presents the issues that were concluded at a meeting of the European Bank Coordination "Vienna" initiative whose aim was to find better ways of enhancing the coordination of significant national policies that have the potential of impacting and supporting transition of emerging Europe towards a more sustainable banking model. In this meeting that brought together fiscal and monetary authorities from various European countries that conduct cross border activities, officials from the European union, and international financial institutions such as the world bank and the IMF (International Monetary Fund), it was shown that in the absence of effective coordination between the banking sectors in the advanced Europe and the emerging Europe, the outcome be may disorderly and excessive bank deleveraging as well as possible credit crunch (International Monetary Fund, 2012).

In the meeting it was concluded that it was imperative that the cross border effects on the countries, both those that belong to European union and those do not, be internalized by a home ...

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