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Mission in monitoring, money lending, technical assistance

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) provides assistance to countries experiencing economic woes. Discuss how, through the use of research and statistical analysis, the IMF achieves its mission of the following:

Surveillance and monitoring
Money lending
Technical assistance

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The IMF is an independent international organization. It is a cooperative of 185 member countries. The objective of IMF is to promote world economic stability and growth. IMF achieve its mission of promoting international monetary cooperation, promoting exchange stability, facilitating balanced growth and international trade and making the resources available to the members facing monetary crisis through its 3 functions -

1. Surveillance and Monitoring
2. Money Lending and
3. Technical Assistance.

Surveillance: It refers to the monitoring and counseling that IMF provides to its 187 member countries. Every year, IMF sends its economists to its member countries to review their fiscal, economic policies and few other related policies like labor, trade and social assess the economic ...

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The mission in monitoring, money lending and technical assistance are examined.