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Tel-Comm-Tek Case Study

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Review the case study Tel-Comm-Tek attached. Address the following components:
1. What individual characteristics and qualifications should the company consider when choosing managerial candidates for the foreign assignment?
2. Using the list of candidates identified in the case study, who do you believe the committee should nominate for the assignment?

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Thoroughly explains the Tel-Comm-Tek case study.

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Managerial candidates need to be self-motivated, have great customer service skills, work well with other employees, be trustworthy, have the ability to solve conflicts, have a deep sense of knowledge about the industry, be dependable, have the ability to keep a level-head, have an optimistic attitude, and possess leadership skills. (Source: http://kathrynvercillo.hubpages.com/hub/10-Traits-of-a-Successful-Manager). Good managers are essentially good planners. They know what the company aims to achieve and they put their best foot forward ...

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