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    Business Law

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    Title VII: Case Analysis of Future Class

    Title VII is fluid; it has been adapted to include many protected classes. Make a case for who you think should be the next protected class. Please provide facts to support your case.

    Intellectual Property Rights Issues

    Describe the types of intellectual property focusing on trademarks, copyrights, patents, and trade secrets. Describe the laws related to the protection of intellectual property in the U.S. Provide a description of the various international treaties and conventions that provide for the protection of intellectual property

    Case Study: Ethical and Legal Violations at Overseas Facility

    Big Aircraft Company (BAC) is a publicly traded U.S. corporation with more than 500 overseas production facilities. Jeff Bland, an audit manager with BAC, was offered a two-year assignment in one of the factories in the Islamic country of Idzatu. Francine Boyd, a senior audit manager, bid for the position but was denied the job.

    Calculating Self-Employment Tax

    1. Toby worked as an employee during the first half of the year earning $80,000 of salary. Toby's employer withheld $4,960 of Social Security tax and $1,160 of Medicare tax. In the second half of the year, he was self-employed and reported $85,000 of self-employment income on his Schedule C. What amount of self-employment taxes

    Changes in Itemized Deductions

    Recent tax reform discussions have involved proposals that would broaden the income tax base and reduce the tax rate. Other discussions have focused primarily on modifying the tax law so that only the most affluent Americans would pay more taxes, either as a result of broadening the tax base or raising tax rates. Broadening the

    Business Employment Law: Workplace Privacy

    1.) Would you recommend that an employer use a forced distribution approach to performance appraisal? What are the pros and cons? 2.) What might a workplace privacy policy look like? What issues should it address? What should it say about those issues?

    Is there copyright in a screenplay synopsis?

    Mary Asher was a freshman student. As a result of advanced classes in high school, she entered college at age 17, and had the goal of becoming a free lance writer. During the first week of classes, she attended a meeting of the film society to see a presentation made by James Shifty who is the Vice President of Production at D

    Federal Taxation

    Uniqueness of domestic production activities deduction (DPAD) Thomas began a business, Gold, Inc., on July 1, 2010. The business extracts and processes silver ore. During 2012, Thomas becomes aware of DPAD and would like to take advantage of this deduction. Identify the relevant tax issues for Gold, Inc. Further, the DPAD

    Intellectual Property Rights Factors and Characteristics

    I need help with question 3 "Is the same idea going to generate the same audience experience when implemented in two different settings or two different languages?" Case Study: Hollywood in India: Protecting Intellectual Property (A) & (B) Please do the following: • Read the case • Watch trailers from the movies Hitch

    IRS provisions: Qualified Tuition Program

    I need some help on summarizing key provisions on IRS: Go to the IRS website and download the instructions and regulations relative to educational savings bonds and qualified tuition programs. In outline format, summarize one of the key provisions in these materials. Support your responses with examples.

    Business Law Case Analysis

    Case One: Mary Stokes is in need of a kidney transplant, and her parents and siblings have been tested for compatibility. Her father is afraid of operations and knows that kidney trouble runs in the family. Before the test, Mary's father tells the doctor that he does not want anyone, especially his wife, to know that he is compa

    Business Law: Overtime Pay

    1.) Employers generally seek to minimize costs related to overtime work. What are some options for accomplishing this goal in a lawful manner? How should employers who need employees to be on-call structure these arrangements to conform with the law while minimizing overtime liability? 2.) Would you recommend that an employer

    Human Resources Management

    1) Identify pros and cons of a manager treating each employee as a unique individual. Do you think organizations must encourage or discourage this practice? Explain why. 2) Who is responsible for managing ethics in your organization? Who should be responsible? Explain why. 3) Evaluate the effect of an employment law, such as t

    Administrative State

    How do we balance the needs for predictable rules/standards with the benefits that sometimes flow from flexibility?

    Case brief

    Supreme Court of India Monsanto Company By Their Patent ... vs Coramandal Indag Products (P) Ltd on 14 January, 1986 Equivalent citations: 1986 AIR 712, 1986 SCR (1) 120 Bench: Reddy, O Chinnappa PETITIONER: MONSANTO COMPANY BY THEIR PATENT AGENT, DE PENNING AND DEPEN Vs. RESPONDENT: CORAMANDAL INDAG PRODUCTS (P) LTD. D

    Federal Taxation: Assessing Audit Risk, Tax Evasion

    Understanding the US IRC applicable to individual income taxes is important when working with taxation. Statute of Limitations: What purpose is served by a statute of limitations? How is it relevant in the case of tax controversies? Probability of Audit: Assess the probability of an audit in each of the following in

    Solid Security Service Gender Discrimination

    Solid Security Service hires male and female security officers. Solid only assigns the female employees to work at the local mall from 10:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. The company's rationale is that the mall is a low risk area for violent crime until 3:00 p.m. Male employees are allowed to work day and night shifts and are assigned to a

    Sources of United States Laws

    Identify the sources of modern law in the United States. Define each, and provide an example other than the one presented in the textbook. What is the relevance of the precedence and the priority of law in American jurisprudence?

    Japan - Taxes on Alcoholic Beverages

    Read the Japan - Taxes on Alcoholic Beverages case. 1. Prepare a case brief. 2. Make sure that you include the following: a. Fact b. Procedural history c. Issue d. Holding e. Reasoning f. Decision

    Is SOX law and others like it fair to business?

    The ultimate criticism of the way that business conducts itself may be the Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002 (SOX). This bill was enacted as a response to a number of large and serious scandals involving major corporations and huge amounts of money. There is an old saying that cautions "if you don't police yourself, somebody else will.

    Labor Laws Effect on Employer-Employee Relations

    Today's managers are hardly free to deal with unions in any way that they want. Various laws restrict, or guide, their course of action. Over the last century, legislation and court rulings have evolved to protect the rights of both sides but may have had unintended consequences on occasion. Respond to the following: - Ho

    Copyright, Patents and Trademarks in the USA

    Identify the three basic types of intellectual property protected by federal law. Compare and contrast the protections provided. Provide a specific example of how each can be used by a corporation in its business operations. In your opinion, does the current federal law provide too much protection? Why? Why not?

    Compulsory Health Insurance

    Design a political commercial. You will need to have a transcript of the text and a clear detailed description of the visual pictures to be used in your commercial. Your commercial should take a strong position and discuss the advantages and disadvantages of this proposal. The President proposes that all employers be required

    Business Law

    HRM 510 Employment Business Law for Human Resources Week 1 Discussion 1: 1.) Now that you know something about arbitration agreements and their enforceability, would you advise an employer to use these agreements? Why and why not? Week 1 Discussion 2: 1.) Do you think most employees who take legal action against their em

    Libyan Arab Foreign Bank vs Bankers Trust Company

    Read the Libyan Arab Foreign Bank v. Bankers Trust Company case Prepare a case brief U.S. Bank In Squeeze On Libya A London court ruled yesterday that the Bankers Trust Company must pay $292 million to the Libyan Arab Foreign Bank. The money consists of deposits that were ordered frozen by President Reagan in 1986.

    Employment Law Case Presentation

    Please help with a detailed response with APA formatted references in the following problem: You are asked to look at two court cases. Each case should concern one of the required benefits listed below. Each of the two court cases discussed should relate to a different benefit. * Note: *Most legal cases can be found in

    Employee discharge

    Please help me develop the following for a better understanding of my assignment: 1.Provide and discuss TWO different discipline and/or discipline situations in detail. 2. In each of the two scenarios that you provide, what led up to the employer's decision? Did everything go well from an HRM perspective? Discuss the proce