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    Was the SOX Act Reactions Appropriate?

    Do you think that Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002 was the right reaction to the accounting scandals associated with Enron and WorldCom and in light of 2008-2009 accounting scandals, has it been effective in preventing accounting misconduct? What are some of the criticisms and praise of the act?

    Internal auditing fraud prevention typical projects

    1 - Consider the following two situations and describe the recommendations the internal auditors should make to prevent the problems presented: a. Many employees of a firm that manufactures small tools pocket some of the tools for their personal use. Because the quantities taken by any one employee are immaterial, the individ

    Internal Auditing and Assurance - COSO ERM

    Find three professional organizations or companies that reference COSO ERM on their website. Summarize what they discuss and give the link to the webpage. Critique each organization's ERM discussion and recommend corrections or improvement to their risk management efforts or ideas.

    Types of Business Structures

    At least 700 words. Please include in-text citations and references. Explanation how each business structure might and might not be advantageous. - Three types of business structure are sole proprietorship, partnership, and corporation. - Types of corporate business structures include General corporations,

    Sexual Harrassment; Don't Let Friendship Cloud Your Judgement

    Trudy comes to Pat, her supervisior, and tells her that Jack has been sexually harassing her by making suggestive remarks, comments, and jokes, by constantly asking her for dates, and by using every available opportunity to touch her. Pat has been friends with Jack for a long time and can't imagine Jack would do such a thing. P

    Workplace Bullying and Human Resources

    An employee approaches human resources with concerns that he/she is the victim of workplace bullying. In reviewing the situation, the human resource employee determines that there does not appear to be any Title VII discrimination evident. Even if the employee does not have a legitimate action under Title VII, are there any othe

    Advetising Regulations

    Expound on recent articles about Advertising Regulation. Please cite at least 3-5 sources. 450+ words. I apologize in advance for the short suspense; what I have developed just doesn't appear to be adequate and maybe your insight will give me growth. Thanks in advance.

    Legal Foundations of Healthcare

    1. Describe in detail the process for obtaining legal informed consent from a patient. Explain specifically what must be covered and documented on the medical record. 2. How are crimes distinguished from civil wrongs? List and briefly discuss three of the six listed elements of criminal procedure and discuss at least one il

    UCC Provisions

    1. Please explain the importance of having Article 2 UCC provisions to identify who bears the risk of loss and whether you think the UCC has sufficiently provided remedies to for all possible situations. 2. Discuss the importance of UCC provisions that protect against bad faith, excessive prices and remedy meddling. Has

    Robins Public Relations Case Study

    You are the public relations director for Robins in late 1972. Some disquieting information has come to you about the far-higher-than-expected physician complaints about the Shield. Top management has so far been concerned about such reports, especially because of Food and Drug Administration complacency. Develop a plan of actio

    Case Study Analysis: Birth Control

    1. At what point in the Dalkon Shield's life did unethical practices first become apparent? 2. What should have been done at that point? 3. Can a firm guarantee complete product safety? Discuss 4. What strategy could Dalkon Shield use that would have minimized the problems Robins eventually faced? What might be some concerns

    4 Uniform Commercial Code Questions

    1. Discuss whether Article 2 applies to a blood transfusion given during an operation. Assume for the purposes of this question that the patient will have to pay for the blood supply. 2. On Tuesday, a hobby shop owner receives an order for a custom toy train that will need to be specially manufactured. That same day, the hob

    GATT, FCPA, and legal issues

    Case Study: The United States produces approximately 241 million tons of corn annually, which is about 41 percent of the world's output. About 47 million tons are exported. About 35 percent of all corn grown in the U.S. is genetically modified. Corn grown in the U.S. is not separated by whether it's genetically modified or not;

    Implications of religious discrimination and prevention measures

    EEOC Sues United Health Programs of America and Parent Company for Religious Discrimination Need help with the following; - A description of the compliance issue that led to the lawsuit and its ramifications for the organization. - A brief summary of the functions of the EEOC in one paragraph. - The EEOC's role in this law

    TransAmerica Oil Case Study

    Please discuss the following for the court case: Procedural History, Facts, Issue, Answer/Holding, Reasoning and Disposition. See attached file for the court case on TransAmerica Oil Corporation v. Lynes.

    Procedures to Work, Live or Study in the USA

    If you lived in a country outside the United States and wanted to come to the United States to work, to live, or to attend an institution of higher learning, what process would you follow? Describe a realistic or imagined scenario, and explain the legal process as outlined by the U.S. Bureau of Citizenship and Immigration Servic

    TB and employee rights

    "Tuberculosis can be a potentially more dangerous illness than AIDS or HIV due to the number of exposed persons at one time. Neither AIDS nor HIV are air borne illnesses, lessening the threat of exposure to others. Ethically speaking all persons with a debilitating disease reserves the right to due diligence from the professiona

    Analysis of School Board of Nassau County V. Arline

    Need help responding/offering discussion on the following statement. The Supreme Court ruling in this case appears appropriate given the impact it may have on future cases; that is, the decision seems just as much about setting precedent for future discrimination cases involving communicable diseases as it is about reaching a

    School Board of Nassau County v. Arline

    1. Do you agree with the Court's decision? Why or why not? Would your answer change if the contagious disease was AIDS or HIV? Explain. 2. If it is shown that Arline could perform some other function in the school system besides teaching, and contact with others was not as prevalent as in the classroom, would you allow her t

    Agency and Principal Relationship

    Please help with the following problem: Discuss and explain this statement: "An agency results in a fiduciary relationship between an agent and a principal."

    Surf shop manager legal issues

    Super Sal was the manager of a surf shop in Hampton, New Hampshire. He ran the shop, did all the advertising and split the summer's profits with his boss. His boss lent him some money to get him through the season before the split of profits. He signed a promissory note for the loan which stated that he would pay his boss at the

    Gun control debate

    Should there be more restrictions on who is allowed to purchase firearms? Why or why not? What additional restrictions for firearm control might be more effective?

    Leases and Ethical Dilemmas

    When Tiffany's boyfriend, Paul, unexpectedly lost his roommate and could no longer afford to live in his apartment, he moved in with Tiffany. her lease did not allow anyone who was not on the lease to occupy the premises. The landlord was not on the premises, so she was not worried about it being discovered. Her neighbor on the

    Paying Dividends versus Budgeting Expenses

    Lyone, Inc. is a non-union manufacturer of consumer household goods. Their industry is largely union, yet they have remained without a union because employees have always felt that they could work well with management and that management protected the employees and treated them fairly. Recently, the employees have sought a pay i

    Undue Influence and Consideration Contract

    1. Discuss undue influence as a challenge to mutual assent. 2. Which of the following will be considered as a valid consideration for a contract? The consideration is not bargained for. The party giving the consideration does not suffer a legal detriment. The party receiving the consideration receives a legal benefit