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    The Political and Economic State of Japan

    Many Americans marvel at the success of the Japanese economy and political system. They are also concerned with the recent setbacks in the Japanese economy. Describe the basic features of the systems, both its strengths and limitations. What are the similarities and differences with the American systems? Which of the Japanese ch

    Japan's Political System

    Outline the features and components of the Japanese political system. Highlight the interaction among its different parts and the influence of cultural traits on the functioning of the system.

    Discussion on internet privacy

    Discuss the basic issues in Internet privacy? How does the US differ from the EU in its treatment of the issue? Choose an approach you agree with and explain your position.

    (Issue, Rule, Analysis, Conclusion) method in a business context

    IRAC The IRAC Method The IRAC method is an instructional tool that can aid students in the comprehension and evaluation of information so that they can make informed value decisions. It is an acronym for Issue, Rule, Analysis, and Conclusion. Although this is a legal model used to evaluate hypothetical situations in law cases

    The Grokster Case

    Summarize briefly the key facts of the Grokster case. Discuss the applicable law and legal issues in the case of Grokster case. Assume you are the CEO of Grokster. What could you do to make your service compliant with copyright laws?

    Untied States Legal System

    The legal system in the United States is essentially a common law system that depends heavily on the decisions in previous cases. What does this system mean for the development of law, and how does this system affect the ability of firms to consider the legal impacts of actions that they are considering? Reference required.

    Technology and Legal Issues

    Discuss two legal issues that have been difficult to deal with as technology has changes. example could include intellectual property, contract form or others you can think of.

    Manager Business Law & Job Applicant or Incumbent Interviewing for Hire

    Discuss specific reasons why the following questions should be avoided while interviewing applicants for a job; Do you have children or plan to have children in the near future? What was your maiden name or what language do you most frequently speak? Also please answer: Generally, what questions are "illegal" and sh

    Case Brief of Appeal of University of California, San Francisco (1996)

    This is a case brief of Appeal of University of California, San Francisco - Citation: 1996 WL 681971 (V.A.B.C.A.), 97-1 BCA 28,642, VABCA No. 4661 (1996) This summary follows the standard case brief format, including the following sections: 1) Case Name and Citation, 2) Key Facts, 3) Legal Issues Presented to Court, 4) Holdin

    Case Brief of OPM, Petitioner v. Charles Richmond (1990)

    This is a case brief of Office of Personnel Management, Petitioner v. Charles Richmond - Citation: No. 88-1943. Supreme Court of the United States. 496 U.S. 414. (1990). This summary follows the standard case brief format, including the following sections: 1) Case Name and Citation, 2) Key Facts, 3) Legal Issues Presented to

    Current Event Presentations for Government Aspects

    Need help coming up with a current event at the federal level. Just something that is relavant to the times and I have to speak about for a couple minutes. Something that would be interesting to our democratic professor who is running again this year to be the Hawaii governor. Trying to steer away from Hawaii current events bec

    case study-legal issue

    Discuss all legal issue for following case. (1) " Sweet Samantha was at the grocery store. She slipped on a banana peel left by another customer. A young child was eating one of the bananas from his father's cart and dropped it on the floor. Samantha injured her ankle and was limping as she left the store. Another customer saw

    Maczko v. Ford Motor Co.

    Maczko v. Ford Motor Co. case to respond to this question. In 2000, Ford motor company spun off a subsidiary named Visteon, as well as several employees that went to work with Visteon. Visteon transferred some facilities, as well as these same employees, back to Ford in 2006. The employees were classified as re-hired rather than

    Antitrust Laws and Governmental Agencies for Enforcing Laws

    Antitrust laws and the agencies involved in enforcing such acts seem to be confusing. Please outline, concisely, the basic acts or laws concerning antitrust, the specific governmental agencies in charge of enforcing each law, the limits of responsibility of these agencies, and your suggestions on simplifying the process.

    Issues in Anti-trust Laws and Enforcement

    Please help with the following problem: What are the issues concerning antitrust laws and enforcement? Who is involved and why? How would you recommend that the system be change and why?

    Advantages of interstate compacts

    Is state involvement in immigration issues really necessary or will it only complicate current federal policy? Is regulatory negotiation an abdication of government responsibility to the regulated? What are the advantages of using interstate compacts to regulate issues like the Great Lakes?

    Interaction Between Administrative Law & Governmental Agencies

    1- Define and distinguish the accountability difference between an executive department and an independent regulatory commission (IRC). Why create an IRC? 2- Explain the difference between an independent agency in the executive branch and an independent regulatory commission, in terms of their independence from the executive

    Ethics of Working from Home

    The Ethical issue is when employers let employees work from home are these employers always working? How can a manager or the company make sure they are working from home? I have the paper written I am looking for some detailed solutions and ethical analysis of the available options both employees and employer have. Also I a

    I need assistance with the following

    I need help answering the following questions regarding the Vermont Yankee case. I would like 5 pages of information Under what circumstances could hybrid rulemaking still continue despite this decision. Is hybrid rulemaking really necessary for the courts to review issues like that those raised in Vermont Yankee? Why or why

    Affirmative Action and Equal Employment Laws and Policies

    Can you help me with these two questions and provide references where I can prepare a paper that I am writing. Are Affirmative Action and Equal Employment laws/policies necessary in today's workplace? Regardless of the legal issues, do you feel it is fair for an employer to require that only English be spoken in the work

    Question Three to the case study: Countrywide Financial.

    If you were CEO of Countrywide Financial, how would you have structured the evaluations of salespeople to prevent them from making loans to anybody without following specific guidelines on income, appraisals, and documentation?

    need 400 word paper business employment law

    Read the case titled, "Corporation of the Presiding Bishop of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day v. Amos 483 U.S. 327 (1987)" listed on p. 528 of your textbook and answer question 2 of p. 529 (question: As a church employer in your religion, what reason would you give for requiring that the building engineer be of the sam