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Ethical issues in work at home option

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The Ethical issue is when employers let employees work from home are these employers always working? How can a manager or the company make sure they are working from home? I have the paper written I am looking for some detailed solutions and ethical analysis of the available options both employees and employer have.

Also I am looking for ideas of a preferred solution for the ethical issue of working from home.

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There are numerous ethical issues that revolve around the work from home situation. When employers provide flexibility and option to their employees to work from home, they put a great deal of trust on the sincerity and honesty of the employees. Employees should reciprocate this trust bestowed on them by their employer by ensuring that they work in the most productive and sincere manner during their work hours at home. In other word, they should not waste their work hours in doing personal or non-productive things, such as goofing around, chatting with friends/relatives or watching television. This is especially important for scenarios wherein employees are paid on an hourly basis or time basis. Employees should be ethical enough to put in same kind of effort and dedication at their homes as they would put in the office environment.

Employees should be absolutely honest, transparent and truthful in billing their employers for their work hours spent ...

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Discusses ethical issues in terms of providing work at home option to employees.

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