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Business Law

the terms Inventory Difference or Material Unaccounted

***Is today enough time?*** *Describe the terms Inventory Difference (ID - U.S. DOE) or Material Unaccounted for (MUF - IAEA) in the context of nuclear safeguards and how it relates to Material Control and Accountancy. What is the impact of uncertainty? Some more depth needed, thank you. 2 or three more refs for last p

Material Control and Accountancy in context nuclear safeguard

Please let me know if you have time. I am still researching this iaea and material control topic. I need about 1500-2000 words or so to help research these four bullet points. 1 reference for each bullet point? *Describe the role and implementation of Material Control and Accountancy in the context of nuclear safeguards.

Still learning about IAEA

Can you describe the IAEA Safeguards System?. Can you briefly discuss and evaluate the different forms of inspections implemented by the IAEA within the framework of the non-proliferation agreement with each state? Also, if you would describe the inspector activities before, during, and after the inspection, that would solidif

International Nuclear Regulation

Just looking for some explanations to learn more about each of these. References needed and appreciated. If the deadline looks acceptable to you, please let me know and I will select you as my only expert. 1. Briefly describe the structure and functioning of the IAEA. 2. Briefly describe the obligations of the NPT on cou

Government Procurement Law

Discuss what he or she thinks are the major acquisition and procurement issues and challenges facing the Federal Government and its industry over the next 5-10 years. Of course, feel free to address this question towards your specific Agency, Department, or Company if desired.

Constitutional and Administrative Law

Using library or Internet resources provide a full citation for each of the following items: State is Georgia and county is Rockdale. 1.Your state's statute that defines what is considered to be a public record that must be made available to the public upon request. 2. The pre-World War I opinion by the U.S. Supreme Court h

Constitutional and Administrative Law

WK 1 DB 1 1. Based upon the "rule of law" and its limits on public administrators, explain why a public administrator should not falsely conclude that they necessarily can alter human behavior merely by passing a law. Morality varies across and within societies and creates many commonalities that are essential to a functioning

Ming versus Roger Ethical Dilemma

Ming is a recent migrant to Australia, having arrived in September 2015. He lives in the Brisbane suburb of Darra with his wife and one month old baby son. Ming was unemployed for six months, but recently obtained a sales assistant role in a local pharmacy run by Roger. Roger told Ming that he is on probation for three months.

Negligent tort, relates to consumer safety and baby monitors

Negligent Tort Visit the Consumer Product Safety Division website. Click on Consumer Safety. Click on Recalls. Choose one product that has been recalled. 1.Describe the product subject to recall, including the recall date, recall number, and the reason for the recall. 2.Analyze whether the manufacturer would be liable for

Professional Responsibility and Attorney-Client Privilege

Explain the difference between the attorney-client privilege and the accountant-client privilege. Why is this an important distinction? Why do you think that the law doesn't provide the same level of privilege for accountants as it does for attorneys? Professional Responsibility As we come to the end of our course, one of

Govt Contractor Defense/Govt Procurement Law

In military equipment design cases dealing with Government furnished specifications, a contractor that has been sued for products liability may raise what is called the "Government Contractor Defense". This defense is quite broad in application as per the U.S. Supreme Court decision in Boyle v. United Technologies (1988), it bar

Business Operations, CPA Advice, Contacts, Liability, & More

You are a new associate at a CPA firm. Your boss has explained that a new client has come to the firm with a small but growing company that makes a granite cleaning product which is sold in several major retail stores. The client has been operating as a sole proprietorship, but now thinks that because of the growth of the compan

State Consumer Protection Law

State Consumer Protection Most states have enacted their own consumer protection laws. These laws vary tremendously from state to state. Identify a consumer protection law in your state and address the following: Analyze the law, its purpose, and what it is aimed to accomplish; Describe the industry that the law a

Consumer, Environmental, and Antitrust Law

Provide an example, with details, of deceptive advertising and explain why this example is deceptive. Additionally, provide an example of advertising that appears to be unreasonable or unethical but in fact is not considered deceptive. How has food and product labelling affected the health and safety of the American consu

Ethical Consideration of Creditors' Rights and Bankruptcy

Address the following ethical questions regarding creditors' rights and bankruptcy: Evaluate how Bankruptcy law can favor debtors at the expense of creditors or vice versa, and explain how a revision to Bankruptcy law can achieve a better balance between the respective interests of creditors and debtors. Explain whet

Bankruptcy: Questions & Issues

How is a security interest created and how is it perfected? Provide an example. If you are the creditor, what is difference between having a perfected security interest and an unperfected interest? What is a "reorganization" bankruptcy and how is it different than an "ordinary" bankruptcy? Give examples of each. In a bankru

Negotiability Instrument Examples

Provide an example of a "negotiable instrument," with specific details, and explain why this instrument meets the requirements of negotiability. Additionally, how would changing one detail of the instrument make it non-negotiable? Does having a smartphone-based payment system entail more or fewer security risks than carryi

Contract of Sales

Prepare a Sales Contract Your client, Widgets, Inc., has a factory in Detroit where they produce widgets for sale. They have recently received a large order from Machines, Inc. in Austin, Texas for 2,000 widgets at $100 per widget. The client has not specified any additional terms of the purchase. Prepare a contract for th

Rogue Bank

Violations of Securities Laws Karel Svoboda, a credit officer for Rogue Bank, evaluated and approved his employer's extensions of credit to clients. These responsibilities gave Svoboda access to nonpublic information about the clients' earnings, performance, acquisitions, and business plans from confidential memos, email, and

Best Type of Acquisition Based on the Possibility of Future Law Suits

A longtime friend and client approaches you and explains that he has the opportunity to purchase a company that has developed a very lucrative technology. Unfortunately, the company has had some legal issues with clients and vendors in the past. Your friend assures you that, going forward, he can resolve the problems that have l

Duty of Care, the Duty of Loyalty, and the Business Judgment

Explain the requirements of the Duty of Care, the Duty of Loyalty, and the Business Judgment rule. Who or what are these duties designed to protect? Are these duties necessary? Why or why not? Use this week's lecture as a basis for your post. Peppertree, Inc., hired Robert McClellan, a licensed contractor, to repair a condom

Five forms of Business

Explain the legal and financial characteristics of each of the five main form of business entities described. Discuss the implications of applicable laws and regulations, for each type of business entity, on how the business is organized, governed, and operated. For each type of business entity, explain the following characteris

Sample Start Up Budget

Inadequate financing can be the cause of the failure of any business. Try to determine how much capital might actually be needed to start a small business. Project a budget covering the expenses. Feel free to use your Dream Job as an example. Initial expenses may include down payments for the pur­chase or lease of prop­e

Piercing the veil

Johnson Trucking, Inc., owned by Pat Johnson, charged its fuel purchases to an account at Juice Express. When Johnson Trucking, Inc. was not paid on several jobs, it was unable to pay amounts owed to Juice. Shortly thereafter, Johnson Trucking, Inc. ceased doing business and was dissolved. However, Pat continued to provide truck

Operating Agreement LLC

Green Properties Group owns, manages, and develops real property. Jones Group, Inc. also develops real property. Green entered into agreements with Jones concerning a large tract of property in Georgia. The parties formed NewGroup, LLC, to develop various parcels of the tract for residential purposes. The operating agreement of

Duties of Director

Roger is a director of a major car manufacturer. This is one of the few remaining car companies yet to introduce a sport utility vehicle. Roger convinces the board to investigate forming a new division to design, build and market a sport utility vehicle. Roger also convinces the board that the first sport utility vehicle that th

Employee Rights/Safety

I started this paper and have come up with a case of writers block. I have provided a short summary of exceptions to employment at will, the Immigration Reform and Control Act, and the Uniformed Services Employment and Reemployment Rights Act. I now have to answer the questions below the three summaries and I have been looking a

Cabinet Co Case

Frank is the receiving dock supervisor for Cabinet Co., a company that manufactures metal storage cabinets. His job is to supervise the inspection, and stocking of components and materials used in the manufacture of the cabinets as they are delivered; and to so notify the accounting department so invoices can be timely paid. On

liability conpensation

Ron supervises delivery of flowers for a wholesale distributor of fresh flowers, Flowers. Inc. In order to accommodate one of the company's best customers, Ron offers to immediately rush a delivery of fresh peonies. All of the delivery trucks are currently out on delivery. Ron directs an employee, Ruth, to use her own vehicle to

Dispute Resolution

Sterling, Inc. is a manufacturer of state-of-the-art computers. For the past ten years, Sterling has acquired all of its microchips from NoBugs Corporation, the only producer of chips meeting Sterling's high specifications. The relationship has been mutually profitable. Sterling could not have built its reputation as an industry