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    Business Law

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    Legal rules.

    Please help me to answer the questions using on the case bellow, based on the following criteria: 1.1 apply the legal rules on implied terms relating to the sale of goods and supply of services 1.2 apply the statutory provisions on the transfer of property and possession CASE STUDY Michael has recently had some really

    Credit agreements

    Marvellous Motors PLC is a highly successful chain of car dealerships with sites all across the UK. The success of the business is due in no small way to the fact that the company is in the habit of offering customers very competitive finance deals when they purchase their cars. Marvellous Motors PLC is able to provide cheaper c

    Securities Act Violations

    Q2: Justin Manufacturing Company sells high-fashion clothing under the prestigious "Justin" label. The company has a firm policy that it will not deal with any company that sells below its suggested retail price. Justin is informed by one of its customers, XYZ, that its competitor, Duplex, is selling the "Justin" line at a great

    At will employment and legal recourse

    Looking for a few paragraphs to start a discussion on the following: Employment-at-will involves the right of either the employer or employee to unilaterally terminate the employment relationship at any time, for any legal reason. Does this policy offer equal protection to both parties? What legal/policy change or changes do

    Credit Reporting Agencies and the FDCPA

    Please analyse questions below: Q1: Joe and Sue Hill were involved in the operation of Joe's Hamburger Joint in Miracle, State of Nowhere, from the day their parents opened it in 1928. By 1979, Joe, Sue and her husband Jim were running it. The business was a corporation with Joe and Sue each owning half of the stock. Joe d

    Describe the structure of the Washington state court system

    1. Please research and describe the structure of the Washington state court system. Please cite your references in APA format. Thank you (100 words) 2. Write a brief summary of your research findings on "How To Form A Single Member LLC" infographic. (100 words)

    Georgia contracts

    Having a clear understanding of the courts and where to file specific claims has provided your department with a good basis for where to start when a claim arises. With so many outside venders and human resource issues in today's business world, contractual claims are going to be one of the common claims that arise on a regular

    Texas-based Vision Banc Savings and Loan

    Please discus question below: Q 1: The Federal Home Loan Bank Board (FHLBB) operated the Federal Savings and Loan Insurance Corporation (FSLIC). The FHLBB's duties included examining all FSLIC-insured institutions to determine whether they were being operated properly under applicable laws and regulations. As part of an inv

    Business Plan for new business

    Can you help me develop a business plan for my new business? The part of the plan I need is III. Marketing Strategy 1. Product/Service 2. Sales Strategy 3. Promotion 4. Pricing Strategy 5. Web Strategy 6. Differentiation (Competitive Advantage) The product Is health and fitness club, I like the idea of diet

    Internet and email policy in the workplace

    Most companies have a log-on agreement stating that e-mail is to be used for business purposes only. What about personal e-mails to your husband or funny e-mails that you forward to your friends? Are you afforded an expectation of privacy when you use it for these personal purposes and violate company policy? To what extent shou

    The FCRA, FTC, & the Delegation Doctrine

    Please discuss those 3 questions below: Q1: In October, Renie Guimond discovered that her credit report at TransUnion Credit Information Co. incorrectly stated that she was married, used the name "Ruth Guimond," and had a credit card from Saks Fifth Avenue. After she reported the errors, TransUnion wrote her in November to s

    Agent of Authority

    Please, can you help me with this case, based on the following criteria: 1. Differentiate between the different types of agent, 2. Evaluate the rights and duties of an agent. Thanks. Case study Jane Black is a buyer for a high street fashion shop. She has a contract which gives her authority, from her employer, to

    Business Law.... State of Georgia

    You have successfully held your first training session on the common law tradition and sources of law! Now that everyone has an understanding of the origins of law, your next primer in this training series will explain the specifics of your state's court system. You must first perform the necessary research to locate your state

    Business Law

    As a new manager in your department, you are tasked with the job of providing employee training for members of your department who have interactions with the legal department. In order to ensure that everyone can effectively work with the legal staff, you must prepare a series of training document primers on various areas of law

    Employment Law

    The Inter-Pacific Railroad employs Francisco McGregor, a Hispanic man, as a supervisory conductor on its commuter trains. Except for one white woman, all of the other supervisory conductors employed by Inter-Pacific were black men. Francisco's Spanish nickname is "Paco." The other supervisor conductors referred to Francisco as "

    Employment Law

    Joe's Bakery advertised in the local newspaper for an assistant baker. Muhammad, a recent honors graduate of the Culinary School of America, applied for the position and was told that the position had been filled. Muhammad is of Middle-Eastern descent and practices the Muslim faith. The following day, and for nine consecutive da

    Business Law - Corporations, Takeovers, and Dissolutions

    Q1: Jerry Yarmouth incorporated J&R Interiors, Inc., and was its president, secretary, and sole shareholder. J&R failed to file annual reports and pay annual fees, however, and was involuntarily dissolved by the state. More than a year later, Yarmouth bought a workbench in J&R's name from Equipto Division of Aurora Equipment Co.

    Business Law: Personal Injury and Injunctions

    Q1: On March 6, 1981, Carolyn Hamaker lost three fingers from her left hand while operating a notcher machine (lathe) at her place of employment in South Dakota, Pallets and Wood Products. The notching machine had been manufactured by Kenwel Machine Co. On December 31, 1975, Kenwel sold its assets to John and Rosemary Jackson, w

    ISO benefits and challenges

    o What is ISO? o How might ISO be used to improve an organization? o What are the benefits and challenges? o What is the role of a Quality Control department in relation to ISO?

    Please discuss these two case studies

    Q1. Eric incorporated Viking with an initial capital of $3,000. Eric also made a $7,000 loan to Viking. Viking had as assets 65 lots of land held for development, which lots cost $430,000. Viking became unable to pay its creditors, who sought to pierce the corporate veil and hold Eric liable. Were the creditors successful?

    Oxy Corp. and Oya Paka Business Law Scenarios

    Q1: Oxy Corp. is negotiating with the Wick Construction Co. for the renovation of the Oxy corporate headquarters. Wick, the owner of the Wick Construction Co. is also one of the five members of the board of directors of Oxy. The contract terms are standard for this type of contract. Wick has previously informed two of the oth

    Condemning property and liability of storage

    Please read those 3 Cases below. Discuss how and why you think or found those 3 cases below are most challenging? 1. BOSTON & THE LAND OWNERS The City of Boston sought to condemn land in fee simply for use in constructing an entrance to an underground terminal for a subway. The owners of the land contend that no more than s

    Sport Law - illegal drugs

    Professional athletes should be allowed to take any substance they believe will enhance their performance. Do you agree or disagree, and, more importantly, why? Please provide a well reasoned argument.

    Social Media and Legal Issues in the Workplace

    The part time job at the party rental store is going fine, but you need more hours. So, you hear that there's an opening at Big Box Hardware. You fill out the job application and during your interview the store manager asks you for your login id and passwords for all social media sites like Twitter and Facebook. He tells you

    Hassiepen and Green Cases

    HASSIEPEN CASE Facts: Cynthia Hassiepen and Kevin Von Behren were divorced. Shortly after the divorce, Kevin began living with Brenda. Kevin and Brenda began an electrical contracting business, Von Behren Electric. Kevin contributed an old pickup truck and a drill; he also performed the actual contracting work. Brenda used he

    Wrongfully Dissolving a Business Partnership

    James Rhue and John Dawson formed a partnership to acquire and develop a shopping center. Rhue did the day-to-day management of the business, and Dawson contributed most of the capital and promised to obtain bank financing for the project. Rhue found two adjacent shopping centers, which could be purchased and renovated for $11.8

    Liability when a firm becomes insolvent

    Paula, Fred, and Stephanie agree that Paula and Fred will form and conduct a partnership business and that Stephanie will become a partner in two years. Stephanie agrees to lend the firm $5,000 and take 10 percent of the profits in lieu of interest. Without Stephanie's knowledge, Paula and Fred tell Harold that Stephanie is a pa

    Divorce proceedings and a shareholder agreement

    Herman Fryar was a shareholder in a small company, Bryan-Barber Realty, Inc. Fryar's ownership was subject to a shareholder agreement stating that he could not sell or otherwise dispose of his stock without the permission of the other shareholders. In divorce proceedings, the court directed Herman to transfer the stock to his wi