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Agent of Authority

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Please, can you help me with this case, based on the following criteria:

1. Differentiate between the different types of agent,
2. Evaluate the rights and duties of an agent.


Case study

Jane Black is a buyer for a high street fashion shop. She has a contract which gives her authority, from her employer, to act on their behalf for the purchase of all ladies fashion ranges.
She is very enthusiastic. At a recent clothes show in Italy she has entered into a contract with a supplier of men's clothing. She was completely convinced that the styles and the low price paid would keep her employer happy.

Unfortunately, her employer is not happy. It is claimed that she is in breach of her contract. Her employer refuses to honor her agreement.
She seeks advice.

Using Case Study, respond to Jane's request for help. She needs advice about her legal position.

Include answers to all of the following as part of your response to Jane's request:

1. Describe the different categories of agent in terms of their ability to contract
2. Explain how the relationship of agency can be formed.
3. Outline the four categories of authority of an agent.
4. Explain the duties of agent to principal.

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1. Differentiate between the different types of agent,

Keep in mind, the different types of agent depends on the associated or assigned authority towards making decisions on behalf of another. In the terms classification, the agent could entail a special agents (only authorized full control on special occasions) or general generals agents (authorized on varies duties and instances). Therefore, the case study example entails that Jane fits a specific agent in relation towards the buyer of a specific department of buying fashion merchandise for the store.

2. Evaluate the rights and duties of an agent.

Try and think of the rights and duties of an agent as "acting on the best interests of the principal entity or individual" that is outlined in the contractual agreement. Therefore, the rights and duties are outlined accordingly to conduct business ...

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The analysis on agent of authority on behalf of a principal to conducting business initiatives for continuity.

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