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    Equal Employment Opportunity and HRM

    Please help on how to address the following. Before you start this assignment, be sure that you are familiar with the following laws and their amendments: Americans with Disabilities Act http://topics.hrhero.com/americans-with-disabilities-act-ada-and-ada-amendments-act-adaaa/ Title VII—specifically Religious Accommoda

    Worker's Compensation Law

    I'm having trouble with this end of the chapter question in my studies. Please summarize the question in 2 paragraphs or more (6 sentence minimum for each paragraph) and use complete sentences and your own words. Please cite any references. Please keep your opinion out of the response (only focus on the 1. Summarize the work

    Current state of union relations in the airline industry

    Labor Laws, Unionization, and the Workplace A good place to start familiarizing yourself with legal issues involving unions in the workplace is by looking over the National Labor Relations Board website, http://www.nlrb.gov/nlrb-process Be sure you are familiar with the following laws and their amendments: Labor-Management Re

    Executing Mortgages and Court of Appeals

    Please discuss those two questions below: Q1: Marcia executed a mortgage of Blackacre to secure her indebtedness to Ajax Savings and Loan Association in the amount of $25,000. Later, Marcia sold Blackacre to Morton. The deed contained the following provision: "This deed is subject to the mortgage executed by the Grantor herei

    The Takings Clause

    Discuss the evolution of the takings clause, including an analysis of regulatory takings, eminent domain and inverse condemnation. Discuss how the issue impacts business practice and the costs of operating business organizations. Discuss if the issue has a significant effect on consumers. Include specific examples to illustra

    Affirmative action vs. equal employment opportunity

    Just looking for a page or two to start a discussion/journal based on the following: Why do we as a society still need Affirmative Action? Isn't Equal Employment Opportunity sufficient to prevent workplace discrimination?

    Reason for the Occupational Safety and Health Act

    Present the history of the Occupational Safety and Health Act and why it was enacted. Briefly describe the steps to file a claim under the act and distinguish between the specific duty standard and the general duty standard under the Act. Response should be at least 200 words with sources used.

    United Auto Workers union

    The United Auto Workers union enters into contract negotiations with the Ford Motor Company in Michigan. What are the three main subject areas the UAW can negotiate with Ford? Provide an example of each. What steps can the UAW take if there is no agreement? What steps can Ford Motor take if there is no agreement? Will the laws o

    Kelo case and the majority opinion

    Please read the Kelo case in the link below: Discuss this issue: Do you agree with the majority opinion? Do you agree with the dissenters? Why? Why not? Explain your position. http://www.proprights.org/PDFs/workshop_2011/Presentations/Paul%20Hirsch/4%20Kelo%20v%20New%20London%20545%20U.S.%20469%20(2005).pdf

    Two case studies - law questions

    Please discus those two question below. Minimum 80 words each question... Q1: As the result of a survey in 1976, the Nolans discovered that their neighbor's garage extended more than a foot onto their property. As a result, Nolan requested that his neighbor, Naab, tear down the garage. The Naabs refused to do this, stating th

    Making Donations

    Q1: Before taking off on a cruise, the Shreks put their silver (worth about $4,000), jewelry, and a wallet containing their credit cards in bags and stored them in their attic. Upon returning, they went up to the attic and brought down the bags together with other bags containing used clothing. They had planned on donating the u

    Establish a Corporation

    In this exercise: Complete the steps necessary to establish a corporation. Remember, that a corporation does not exist until the corporation documents are both filed and accepted by its home state. You can complete the assignment by using the Secretary of State's web site in the State of Delaware or the Secretary of State's web

    Discrimination - disparate impact on recruiting

    Looking for just a few paragraphs to start off a discussion based on the following: The definitions of discrimination under Title 7 include both disparate treatment and disparate impact. Of the two, disparate impact has had a much larger impact on recruiting and selection activities because it applies to groups not just indiv

    Askew View Corp

    Askew View Corporation was forced into bankruptcy by its creditors. The stock of the corporation was held exclusively by Steven Keith and his 12 year old son. Askew View Corp. was incorporated primarily for the purpose of limiting liability of Keith, who is engaged in the distribution of movies and music electronically via the I

    Laws and Regulations of a Contract

    Q: Multi-Tek issued check number 896 in the face amount of $1,844.98, drawn on Multi-Tek's account at Fidelity and made payable to Multilayer Computer Circuits. However, 10 days later, Multi-Tek's president telephone Fidelity and placed a stop-payment order on the check. One of Fidelity's employee received and simultaneously rec

    Research and analyze a white collar crime

    Research a case related to criminal law and the business world. Discuss the facts of the case and the application of criminal law. Identify whether the crime is a white collar crime or blue collar crime. Analyze the result of the case. Was it fair? Why or why not? What ethical issues can you identify related to this case?

    Sale of Partnership Interest

    White, Fring, and Pinkman are partners in the operation of the A1A car wash. Without Fring's knowledge, White and Pinkman sold 10 percent of their interest in the business and its profits to Herzog and agreed that Herzog would be a partner of the business. Fring had not agreed to give White and Pinkman authority to make such an

    Harassment: Impacts to the Work Environment

    This solution answers the following questions: 1. Other than it being against the law, what's wrong with harassment? What does it do to productivity or quality, and is it ever moral? 2. Where does motivating, correcting, and disciplining leave off and harassment start? Legally or otherwise, what differentiates harassment f

    Discrimination Case: Why it's wrong and how to avoid

    This solution address the following as related to discrimination: 1. Other than it being against the law, what's wrong with discrimination? 2. How is a supervisor involved in discrimination? Provide specific scenarios and examples. 3. When, if ever, should you discriminate (by the general definition)?

    Rights and Entitlement

    Please help by Discuss those 2 questions below. 80 words minimum Q1: Dan issues a check for $100. Eve steals it and alters the amount to $1,000. She negotiates the check to Fred, who takes it in good faith, for value, and without notice of the alteration. Dan refuses to pay more than $100 on the check. Is Fred entitled to mor

    State the legal issue, legal rule, and analysis of three case studies

    Please answer each question below and state the following: legal issue, legal rule, analysis. Q1. Paul Gett is a well-known, wealthy financial expert living in the city of Torris. Adam Wade, Gett's friend, tells Timothy Brown that he is Gett's agent for the purchase of rare coins. Wade even shows Brown a local newspaper cli

    Uniform Computer Information Transactions Act

    Research a recent article that discusses an issue involving the Uniform Computer Information Transactions Act and write a summary of the article. The article should be at least two to three pages in length. You can conduct the search on the Internet or in the Online Library. Read the article, and think about how the topic relate

    Define the relevant law

    In 1-2 pages of content Identify and clearly define the relevant law, either defining a legal doctrine, provisions of a law, or elements of a specific cause of action. Apply facts from your situation to the applicable law, doctrine or cause of action studied. Clearly summarize lessons learned from the week as they apply to you

    Discussing unfair labour practices

    Please Discuss question below. Minimum 180 words Q.: On May 26, the trial examiner issued his Intermediate Report finding that the respondent (Sailers' Union) had not engaged in unfair union practices under Section 8(b) in their dispute with Samsoc. With respect to the unfair labor practices, the complaint alleged that the re

    Wrongful Discharge

    Please discuss question below. Minimum 150 words Q.: Worth H. Percivil, a mechanical engineer, was first employed by General Motors in 1947 and remained in their employment until he was discharged in 1973. At the time his employment was terminated, Percivil was head of GM's Mechanical Development Department. Percivil sued GM

    Whistle-Blowers Discussion

    Please discuss question below: Q.: Debra Roxberry supervised the dry-cleaning department for Robertson and Penn, Inc. (R&P), a private contractor to the U.S. government for laundry and dry-cleaning services at Fort Riley, Kansas. Willie Dawson was an employee of an­other private contractor to the U.S. government, which opera